The latest edition of the Pakistan Army’s Green Book 2020, a prestigious internal publication with essays by serving officers, suggested that the Pakistani military will accept no less than ” Chenab Formula ” to settle Kashmir dispute with India where India is left with only approximately 3,000 square miles of territory out of 84,000 square miles.

This formula first suggested in the 1960s according to this formula proposed Kashmir will be a divide along the line of the River Chenab. This would give the vast majority of the land to Pakistan and, as such, a clear victory in its longstanding dispute with India. The entire valley with its Muslim majority population would be brought within Pakistan’s borders, as well as the majority Muslim areas of Jammu.

All India will be left with is less than 1/3 rd of the Jammu region and will get areas like in lower districts of Jammu, Kathua, and Udhampur, while rest part of Jammu along with other areas will go to Pakistan, making India lose 80% of the total claimed land.

Now, why will India do that? Well, Pakistan Army wants to win Kashmir without going to War and wants to create such a situation in the Kashmir valley that India might be weaker when it comes to the negotiation table anytime on Kashmir dispute as seen by the backing of Pakistani military-backed armed terrorists in the valley. It is impossible to see what benefit India could derive from the transfer of so much land, and why the government would ever agree to such a solution.

Chenab Formula also suggests the Pakistani Army’s obsession with not only the Kashmir region but full of Jammu and Ladakh which majoritarian have supported India and terror activities in this area is negligible. It also confirms that the Pakistani Army is in favor of alerting its demography composition to suit its narrative in the future and India should ensure that these areas never become Muslim majority.

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