Even as Sri Lanka grapples to come to terms with one of worst terror attacks in recent years, Pakistan Army is fishing in troubled waters. Pakistan based and Pak Army supported twitter handles are busy spreading propaganda against India using fake Sri Lankan ids, ET has learnt.

Not long after Twitter blocked hundreds of fake ids of Pak military and ISI, new set of ids are mushrooming again. Pakistan’s Hubaib became Brigadier NLK Samrasinghe on twitter to defame India. “India is directly involved in Easter attacks. The intelligence agencies have collected the proofs. We have sent the dossier to UN and we expects the further action against India. Now India must be Ready for the reaction.”

This Tweet was released by Twitter Account @cmd_artillery. The tweet has got 700 Retweets and 1237 likes.

This Twitter account claims that it is an official account of a Commander Sri Lankan Army Artillery, Brigadier NLK Samrasinghe.

This Twitter account is not verified which shows that Twitter has not confirmed the real identity behind this account. Apart from this, the account was created in Feb, 2019 but first Tweet was done on 28th April 2019.

This account was earlier being run in the name of Hubaib (@Lewany_yam), ET has learnt.
Every Twitter account has a Unique Numeric ID which can be found on In the case of @cmd_artillery, the Unique Numeric ID is 1101055967872069633.

While searching the old tweets of this account it was revealed that it is registered by the name of Hubaib (@Lewany_yam). followers of @cmd_artillery and found that most of the followers belonged to Pakistan.

A similar account exists with the name of HUBAIB YOUSEFZAI (@da_watan_lewany). This account’s name included Hubaib and Username mentioned lewany.