British Labour Party politician of Pakistan Origin Naz Shah, peddling ISI Book of lies has said while Addressing the UK Parliament “As a proud daughter of Kashmir, I simply ask the Minister whether the Prime Minister, who has now canceled his visit to India, will follow on and cancel the shipment of arms to India?”

She also tried to argue that the British arms trade to India contributes to the imaginary genocide of the Kashmiris by India. Ignorant British Labour Party politician doesn’t know that most of the arms trade with India is for the supply of parts to Trainer, fighter jets, and Naval equipment that can never be used against Kashmiri Militancy unlike in Pakistan where fighter jets were used to bomb their towns in name of the fight against Terrorism.

Shah’s calls for the cancellation of the arms trade on behalf of Pakistan have been dismissed. the British regime is planning to see ways to increase arms sales to India. Pakistan off late has been trying to use NGOs and Pakistan origin elected representatives in the US and UK to push for restrictions of arms sale to India with dubious lies and by linking it with Kashmir. Many in India see it as Pakistan’s attempts to repeat what had happened in the 90s when Terrorism in the valley was at its peak and India was on the verge of Military and economical sanctions from the United States and its allies.

Pakistan also has been trying to link Article 370 with UN Resolutions that have no mention of Indian laws that granted semi-quasi autonomy to the region that was abolished by the Modi government.

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