NSA Ajit Doval and foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale recently visited Moscow to meet Russian NSA and foreign minister besides other senior-level officials to discuss a way out amid impending US sanctions on Russian defense firms that might impact supplies to India.

India and Russia are close to sealing a deal for the purchase of S-400 Air Defence System, along with Purchase of four frigates and lease of a Nuclear Attack Submarine which could draw US Sanctions on India if the deal goes through. India and Russia also touched upon stalled Pak-fa 5th generation program at great length.

Previously India had conveyed to the Russian Government that it will not like to pursue co-development of the 5th Generation FGFA Stealth fighter aircraft based on SU-57 due to technical deficiencies and on the adverse recommendation of the Indian Air Force
Russia is keen on to pursue the program and is gearing up to start production of 12 limited production aircraft order placed by the Russian Airforce, Indian team reportedly have told Russia that it will reconsider the purchase of SU-57 if Russia is able to fix all the technical drawbacks associated with the program in near future.

IAF Chief and Government of India have confirmed that they are not interested in the purchase of Stealth fighters like F-35 from the United States of America but instead will focus on the development of the indigenously developed 5th Generation fighter aircraft called AMCA locally.

India and Russia likely will go for Government to Government Deal for the purchase of limited numbers of Sukhoi Su-57 in future when the production stabilizes and drawbacks associated with the program are addressed by the Russian engineers.

But Russian Air Force, in particular, is a reluctant customer of Sukhoi Su-57 Stealth warplane and is keen on acquiring more numbers of Su-30SM, Su-35, and Mig-35 to replace aging fleet. Russia will only be successful in fixing Sukhoi Su-57 if Russians can get more orders from Russian Air Force or from another export customer so that they have enough funds to rejuvenate the program again to iron out technical drawbacks.

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