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While Team LCA Tejas is busy putting up a Speculator show in its very first International outing in Bahrain Airshow, Another Team back home is busy preparing to start full-fledged BVRAAM Weapons firing trials which should begin by March later this year as per well-informed sources close to

With the deadline for FOC Certification fast approaching, DRDO is working hard integrate one of the key requirement needed by LCA-Tejas to Clear that is Testing of its Close Range and Beyond visual range missile in its full Air-2-Air Configuration. Continue reading


India’s Tejas has arrived at world scene and has made a remarkable impression among Aviation Experts who for the first time were able to see the jet outside India performing Aerobatics which were never performed back in Aero India Airshow due to software restrictions which have been removed in latest block upgrades allowing it to pull 8Gs and more.

DRDO Chief Dr. S Christopher speaking to local media seemed impressed by the Buzz which has been successfully created by India’s LCA Tejas and now DRDO Chief has hinted to Indian reporters that Tejas likely will participate in more International Airshows allowing aircraft to further open its flight envelope and will come up with newer Aerobatic maneuvers which a Combat jet is required to perform in full operational role under combat situations . Continue reading


While Two of India’s homegrown LCA-Tejas fighter jet have been busy practicing for the Bahrain airshow at its first International outing, participation of Sino-Pak developed JF-17 are yet to be confirmed by Organizers while informed sources in Pakistan Air Force have informed few Pakistani Defence Portals that due to prior commitments, JF-17 might skip this year’s Bahrain International Air Show which begins today.

Organizers of Bahrain International Airshow have been trying hard to confirm the participation of JF-17 operated by PAF for some time now and had already allocated parking space bay next to Indian LCA-Tejas which fuelled much-anticipated showdown between fighters developed by Arch rivals which will see the bulk of Aerial action if India and Pakistan ever go to war again. Continue reading



Commonality seems to be the Buzz world between Indian Air Force and Aviation Arm of Indian Navy this days. After Induction of Carrier based Mig-29K into Indian Navy, Ministry of Defence has asked Indian Navy to hold detail briefing with Dassault Aviation to prepare a report if Naval variant of Rafale fighter jets can be accommodated for operations from Indian Aircraft Carriers.

According to a report prepared by, Indian Navy will take deliveries of the last batch of 45 ordered Mig-29K from Russia this year and for some time has been considering the purchase of additional 4++ Generation fighter jet beside Homegrown LCA fighter jets currently in development. Continue reading


After Defence Ministry came under heavy criticism by Comptroller and Auditor General of India for gross neglect of equipping the Army Aviation Corps with sanctioned strength of helicopters, their maintenance and replacement. Army Aviation Corps, a wing of the Indian Army has again projected requirements of 60 Tactical Battle support Helicopters in strengthening decisive combat powers of its Aviation Corp.

Indian Army has asked MOD to allow it to procure 60 helicopters in the class of 10-12 tonne class which can be employed for swift and precise transportation of troops in a tactical scenario by contributing to battlefield success by providing guidance to field commanders said well-informed sources close to Continue reading


While Russian aerobatic team Russkiye Vityazi (Russian Knights) and lone F-22 from USAF is expected to hog limelight in upcoming Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS) which will commence from January 21-23 at Sakhir Airbase, But now it seems legendary Indo-Pakistan rivalry will overshadow the event with both India and Pakistan will be flying in LCA-Tejas and JF-17 Fighter jets developed in their respective countries .

Feeling the heat and trying to make most of the Rivals BIAS officials have confirmed that LCA-Tejas and JF-17 Fighter will also be parked next to each other in the Tarmac of Sakhir Airbase and BIAS officials are counting on Indian and Pakistani diaspora settled in Gulf Countries to come in large attendance to make BIAS largest attended event ever. Continue reading


After transferring Mi-25 Attack Gunships to Afghanistan on request of Afghan President recently, India is deliberating if a Srilankan request to provide fighter jets for their air force can be taken up after India forced Srilanka to reconsider their decision on making the purchase of Sino-Pakistan developed JF-17 fighter jets.

Well, informed Sources in air force close to have informed us that instead of offering Homegrown LCA-Tejas to Srilanka, IAF may transfer some of Upgraded Mig-27 along with Spares to Srilankan Air force at FOC ( Free of Cost). Continue reading


Quds Force, an elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, spearheads Iran’s global terrorist campaign.

When Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’ made a remark that “Why Army Should be used to neutralise a terrorist why not a terrorist can do that job for us ” created a flutter in Indian media and in Parliament.

While his statement came under severe attack within India by Political rivals / Presstitutes and left minded Intellectuals who were terming his statement as a new dimension in India’s Strategic shift which encouraged low-intensity conflict threat or State Sponsored terrorism against its rivals in the region to maintain the area of influence. Continue reading


According to well-informed sources close to, Integration of Elta’s EL/M-2032 fire control radar on Tejas MK-1 with Israeli supplied beyond-visual-range missile (BVR) Derby air-to-air missile has been completed.

Derby BVRAAM is a medium-range active radar seeker air-to-air missile, that can hit targets at about 50 km. away. Missiles that can achieve this range are known by the acronym BVR – beyond visual range. Derby BVR-AAM missile, developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd (RADSL) will be ready for test firing from Tejas MK-1 fighter jet right before the deadline for FOC Certification ends in March 2016 Said informed Sources. Continue reading


AMCA is a crucial project for self sufficiency of fighters in IAF inventory. AMCA will be fifth generation medium weight multi role fighter aircraft capable to penetrating air defenses. The design work has started long before the maturity of LCA Tejas aircraft. HAL & ADA is battling hard to solve teething problem of Tejas MK1. The improved version Tejas 1A is expected to start production by 2018.

Meanwhile HAL & ADA is expected to work on Tejas Mk2/ Naval Tejas version with GE F414 engine and is expected by 2022. IAF might produce a list of operational problems in Tejas 1A for rectification. The Gripen NG project started in early 2008 with Gripen Demo (with GE F414 engine) and the first production aircraft will be inducted only by 2018. Also the first GE F414 engine was expected to arrive by 2015 end. The Tejas Mk2 timeline of 6yrs (2016-2021) for development, prototype, testing and induction seem to be too tight. Once again HAL & ADA has provided a timeline which might be too small. Continue reading


Some Conversations are not meant to be forgotten and I am recalling a conversation which has come back to haunt me this day. It was 2011 when I decided to attend Aero India 2011 out of my busy schedule just to witness all Contenders participating in India Air forces ” MMRCA ” Tender come together in India for one last time before L1 bidder was supposed to be announced later that year.

After witnessing stunning aerial aerobatics from Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon, Mikoyan MiG-35, and Saab JAS 39 Gripen, I was going around visiting stalls asking questions about aircraft and weapons systems been offered to India under MMRCA tender with various Company representatives who were in clear mood in entertaining lot of curious visitors to their stalls . Continue reading


With Media reports emerging about major differences emerging between India and Russia on Joint development of a 5th generation fighter jet based on Russia’s Pak-fa over price demanded by Russia for Customization and Indian air force still not convinced about the maturity of the technology developed for Pak-Fa , it seems more or less Project is in the back-burner if not completely dead .

Russians officially now seem to have strategically tied sale of S-400 Air defence System to India only if they have deal on Pak-fa with India, it is pretty much clear now that Russians do not have funds nor Research to complete the project unless India injects much-needed funds into Pak-Fa project which will provide India little share in technological know-how of complex next-generation aviation technology since India’s Work-share is quite limited to provide nonessential systems for the project . Continue reading


T. Suvarna Raju, Director (Design & Development) of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd speaking to media spilled the beans that ongoing Collaboration with Israel to develop Improved AESA radar based on ELTA’s developed LM-2052 – Active Electronic Scan Array Airborne Fire Control Radar will also be used on fighter jets of Indian Air force.

Improved EL/M-2052 active electronically scanned array radar will be used on Tejas MK-1A aircraft and will also be used in IAF’s Jaguar Darin III upgraded jets. Continue reading


Indian Navy recently successfully test-fired newly developed Barak-8, aka long-range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) from Kolkata-class guided-missile destroyer INS Kolkata. Barak-8 LRSAM Successfully destroyed maneuverable Mig-29K on its path at extended range effectively demonstrating its full operational capabilities in fully autonomous mode while working in tandem with MF-STAR radar system and other on-board warship sensors.

Many Defence Analysts have termed development of India’s new Naval SAM Batteries has a game changer in the region allowing Indian Naval Ships to effectively counter Chinese Ship-borne Subsonic Cruise missiles along with various Anti-ship missiles effectively. Continue reading

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