US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar under Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) framework between US and Indian government have initiated talks on the selection of American jet which will be manufactured in India .

The United States has offered Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Block 70 and Boeing’s F/A 18 super hornet both companies have submitted their Make in India proposal and Indian Government is likely to take a call soon on this matter said well-informed sources close to . Continue reading


In our Previous article, we had mentioned that US Aerospace giant Boeing recently offered to produce its legacy F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter jet in India but it came with one big one major rider that India has to place orders for minimum 150 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter jets which are way more than 126 aircraft India had sought to purchase under MMRCA tender in the first place. at recently concluded Defexpo 2016 in Goa had Chat with Boeing representative who was manning the stall and was also designated person for Queries on F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter jets and its India prospect. Continue reading


First Prototype of HAL’s basic turboprop trainer HTT-40 which was unveiled in February this year has completed series of Ground runs of the Honeywell TPE 331-12B engine in the presence of OEM Company representatives .

According to reliable sources close to TPE331-12B turboprop has gone through 40-50 ground engine runs in Month of March . HAL and Honeywell who were part of the ground engine runs were happy with fast track approach adopted to test engine. Continue reading


Media frenzy about Indian Army dumping Indigenously developed medium range supersonic Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) ‘Akash’ for Israel developed SPYDER (Surface-to-air Python and DERby) short and medium range mobile air defence system created confusion regarding status quo of Akash SAM System which only aggregated with no official response coming from Indian Army.

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar recently rubbished media reports and confirmed that Indian Army which has recently Inducted Army variant of Akash System recently will further follow up with more orders and will induct all Akash Systems for which it has placed orders . Continue reading



MBDA a world leader in missile systems has reportedly offered India its ASRAAM (Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile) Within Visual Range (WVR) Infra-red Air dominance Missile for integration on India’s Indigenously developed LCA-Tejas fighter jet .

According to reliable sources close to , MBDA reportedly made this offer to Indian Defence Ministry officials at recently concluded Defexpo 2016 in Goa .MBDA is also open to exploring possible sale and Integration of MICA (Missile d’interception et de combat aérien) medium range air-to-air interception and aerial combat missiles into LCA-Tejas . Continue reading


Boeing officials at recently concluded DEFExpo 2016 in Goa have confirmed to that company is left with just one C-17 for sale and its production facility for the aircraft at its Long Beach complex in the United States already has halted the production line.

When asked about Indian Air Force proposed plans to acquire three new Boeing C-17 transport aircraft. Official confirmed that India is yet to approach them on this matter but assured that they will work with Indian officials closely once they hear from Indian Defence Ministry . Continue reading


GE officials at recently concluded DEFExpo 2016 in Goa have confirmed to that considerable progress on the development of F414-INS6 has been made and development work of F414-INS6 for LCA Tejas Mk II will be completed by the end of 2016 .

” We are ready to initiate technology transfer for F414-INS6 engine production with HAL and we are in talks for continuing supply of F404-IN20 engines for LCA Tejas Mk I and for its variants ( MK-1A),” Said GE official to . Continue reading


India might not have seen this coming but last week the United States criticised India’s on it’s not so secretive 3500km long submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) K-4 and later bracketed India and Pakistan in the same league of countries which according to them should seriously work to backtrack or curtail their Nuclear Weapons programme to maintain regional stability .

Criticism coming from United states within few days on both India’s ballistic missile programme and its nuclear programme felt like it came straight out of Cold war era pre-scripted notes when India was part of Soviet Block and tests of short range 150 km Prithvi missiles could get considerable amount of media attention in West later followed by heavy Diplomatic pressure on India to stop missile test or face Economic sanctions .  Continue reading


Indian Air Force (IAF) will take delivery of first Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) developed MALE Class Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which are capable of carrying over 1,000 kilograms in payload and can be armed with air-to-ground missiles .

Israeli Military attache officer in India speaking to at DEFExpo 2016 confirmed that India which had placed orders for 10 Heron TP last year had asked to carry out a speedy delivery of Armed Heron TP and as per his knowledge first few units will be arriving in India by the end of 2016. Continue reading


As of march 2016 it is pretty clear that IAF is not willing in the SAAB jas-39 gippen, and the MiG-35 was literally never in the race, which leaves out the F/A-18 super hornet and the F-16 block 60, both heavily modified variants of their respective roots.  Any inclination towards the f-16 will turn out to be a bad decision; but I don’t want to just jump to conclusion. So lets compare these two platforms.

Let’s talk about the radars, the  f-18 uses the AN/APG-79(AESA) radar while the f-16 uses the AN/APG-80(AESA) not seen in USA used only by UAE and infact entirely funded by the UAE.  The  f-18 having the bigger radar has more TR-modules and has a better performance than the f-16’s radar. Continue reading


US Congress approval of Sale of additional F-16 to Pakistan has given setbacks to Lockheed martin plans to roll-out F-16s from an Indian plant for Indian Air Force. F-16 lobbyist in India off lately has been trying to counter negative vibes send by U.S Administration after it approved the sale of F-16 to Pakistan by planting articles which make believe that F-16 deal with United states is nearing final lap contrary to the actual ground situation.

India’s fascination with F-16 is quite old and in past Indian air force out of curiosity and to overall its strategy against F-16 allowed its pilot to first fly them in United states, and later reportedly also deputed few of its pilots with Israel Defense Force/Air Force who were exclusively flying F-16 variants in regular rotations giving its pilots plenty of exposure against a jet considered as a front line fighter jet flown by its arch rivals. Continue reading


At Peak of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, United States agreed to supply Pakistan with 40 of its latest 4th Generation F-16 fighter jets to guard its self against Soviet Air force operating in Afghanistan, which immediately made Indian Air Force nervous about adversary acquiring such high-tech fighter jet in the neighborhood.

Pakistan impressed with the performance of F-16 started to discuss procuring more 50-60 of the latest batch of F-16, Which finally woke Government of India from its deep sleep ultimately lead to procurement of Dassault Mirage-2000s from France. Continue reading


With a large force of Military Personnels, tanks, artillery guns, aircrafts, fighter jets, helicopters, Navy ships  China will obviously be the No.1 power at Asia Pacific region by 2030. But another rising power is catching them up very quickly. With a growing and probably the 3rd Largest economy and defence expenditure respectively by 2030, India aspires to be the counter-weight to the red chinese. India is going to emerge as the 2nd most powerful country at Asia Pacific region after China, with not only a strong economy but also an enormous military power which is growing rapidly at present.

Just like China, India is also want to dominate the high seas at Asia Pacific region, not to impose hegemony over other countries but to safeguard its own interests by co-operating with other countries, that’s why India is pumping billions of dollars into its Navy for acquiring Aircraft Carriers, Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine(SSBN), Nuclear Attack Submarine(SSN), Stealth Guided Missile Destroyers like Aegis class, Multirole stealth Frigates, Anti Submarine Warfare stealth Corvettes, Naval Fighter jets, Submarine Hunters etc.

Continue reading


India is likely to field nearly 28 submarines including 3 Arihant class Nuclear Ballistic missile submarines, follow-on SSBNs program of 6 new Nuclear Ballistic missile submarines which will be larger and more powerful, 6 Kalvari class (Scorpene) SSKs and 6 more AIP-equipped Conventional Submarines under P-75(I) Project and development of 6 New SSNs Hunter killer Nuclear Submarines, making it the most formidable submarine force in the Indian Ocean region in next two decade or so .

Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) last year cleared the project to build India’s six nuclear-powered attack submarines for roughly $12 billion in next 15 years. Continue reading


India’s Naval Aviation particularly its Combat arm is expanding at rapid rate in last few years, Mig-29K, Sea Harriers, Hawk AJTs and further plans to procure another batch of carrier-capable fighter aircraft for operations from IAC-1 and also induction of Naval LCA MK-II will see need for more Naval Aviators and rising to the challenge Indian Navy is already working on plans to meet its needs .

Unlike Indian Air force, Navy suffers from Shortage of Aircraft and manpower to train its pilots so it trains its pilots in 3 broad categories (not to be confused with 3 Stage Training program ), which basically means Naval Aviators are crafted and trained in three ways. Continue reading