French air force Rafale seen above armed with Nuclear capable ASMP-A Cruise missile 

India and France are on the final lap of negotiations and close to an agreement to sell 36 Rafale fighter jets. 36 Rafale fighters will make up barely two Squadrons in Indian Air Force While IAF wants to further expand Rafale fleet to 60 aircraft but MOD now seems to be more interested in Making in India American F-16 or F-18 fighter jet in locally then procure more French-built Rafale Omni role fighter jet .

Can Two Squadron of French Rafale fighter jets change the outcome of a war ? Not really but Rafale fighter jet might still play a vital role in India’s deterrence capabilities and might be next designated aircraft which will be tasked to deliver a nuclear weapon when needed . Continue reading


Bangalore-based Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a public sector undertaking owned by MoD for years argued with Indian Air Force that it can develop an upgraded Tejas dubbed Mark 1-A which will come with 43 improvements over the existing Tejas Mark 1 and host of major technological improvements which will negate the need for the development of proposed Stretched Mark II.

HAL promised Mark 1-A with five major improvements like AESA (active electronically scanned array) radar, Air-to-air refueling probe ,Externally fitted Electronic warfare suite and a new internal layout to iron out maintenance issues. Continue reading


After been in Cold Storage for more than a decade , DRDO now plans to revive 155m 52 Calibre Self-Propelled Artillery Gun mounted on Arjun MBT derivative chassis soon said a well-informed source close to . BHIM Project had cleared all Indian Army user trials before South African state-owned Company Denel was blacklisted amid corruption charges which had co-developed BHIM with DRDO and had also provided its 155mm / L52 howitzer Gun for the project.

DRDO has not officially explained how it plans to source the new gun but many Industrial experts believe that DRDO fight source new Gun neither from Kalyani or use modified derivative Gun from in-house Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) project currently been developed with partnership with Kalyani and TATA . Continue reading


Type 45 destroyer propulsion arrangement

It’s more or less official now that Indian Navy has planned to adopt next-generation propulsion systems for all its future principal surface combatants projects.Integrated electric propulsion (IEP) or Integrated full electric propulsion (IFEP) has been finally zeroed in to be integrated into the upcoming project like India’s second indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-2), the INS Vishal.

IEP eliminates the mechanical connection between the engines and the propulsion which in turn reduces need for clutches and even Gear Box , Advantage of IEP for Surface ships has many advantages like reduction of weight and volume, Reduction in acoustic signatures,better placement of engines in the hull and reduced manpower for its maintenance . Continue reading


MBDA is advancing co-development of a vertical launch (VL) MICA-based solution to India’s Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDO) to secure the Indian Navy’s (IN’S) short-range surface-to-air missile (SRSAM) requirement.

VL MICA is a short-range fire-and-forget missile that can be equipped with either infrared (IR) homing seeker (VL MICA IR) or with an active radar (VL MICA RF). The navy’s SRSAM requirement is a vertically launched system with 360° coverage to engage hostile targets at a range of up to 15 km. SRSAM will technically replace the Israel Aerospace Industries/ Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Barak 1 point defence missile in IN service Continue reading


Over the years, India has been quietly beefing up its western sector facing Pakistan. IAF’s ability to detect and track aircraft movements deep inside enemy territory over the years has been boosted by Induction of wide array of radars like LLTRs (low-level transportable radars), MPRs (medium-power radars) , Aerostat to indigenous medium-range Rohini systems, Arudhra (AESA, 4D) and Aerial platforms like AWACS and CABS EMB-145i AEW&C which will be India’s formidable eyes in the sky and true force multipliers .

Western sector more or less has now covered all the existing gaps in the country’s air defence coverage with Seamless data transfer from military radars to different IACCS (integrated air command and control system) nodes to ensure swift counter-measures to thwart aerial threats as soon as they are detected in real time . Continue reading


About 30,000 soldiers from Mathura-based Strike 1 corps are participating in exercise Shatrujeet to evaluate the capability of the Army to strike deep into enemy territory in an integrated air-land battle environment. More than month long Exercise 400kms away from Delhi near Bikaner where Indian Army is conducting it largest operation oriented exercise incorporating new-age technologies and weapon platforms.

According to Defence Analyst Ranesh Rajan close to , Current Exercise has also validated Army operations after a Nuclear Strike and attempts to fine tune Cold Start doctrine for which Army has created war-like situations near International border to keep the force in high-state of battle readiness. Continue reading


Ordnance Factories Board (OFB) in recently concluded DefeXpo 2016 held in Goa showcased 155mm/52 caliber Prototype of Desi Bofors based on Swedish Haubits FH77 ” Bofors” which has already been tested internally and will be ready for user trials soon .

52 caliber variant will be instrumental and significant in filling the gap between just inducted 155mm 45-calibre Dhanush Gun and next generation DRDO developed Advance Towed Artillery Guns System (ATAGS) 155MM/52 caliber artillery gun , which will improve range of its firepower considerably . Continue reading


India’s first indigenous nuclear submarine, INS Arihant (S2) has begun its Deep Sea Trials and recently completed series of Weapons trials including launch of Submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) establishing India’s Second strike Nuclear capability and completing India’s Nuclear triad .

INS Arihant by many Western Defense Analyst was ridiculed and dubbed as Nuclear Submarine which will have limited Utility and will hardly be available for operational patrol even for one-fifth of its lifespan, more credibility came to their claims when Former Indian Naval Chief Nirmal Verma also described it as primarily a ‘technology demonstrator’ . Continue reading


The word airforce is a word which signifies fast moving fighter planes locking missiles on eachother, well for a simple person it is the definition of airforce which up to some extent it is correct but we all know an airforce is more than that, a good force needs force multipliers. Multipliers are what we going to talk about.To start things off cargo planes, mid air-refuel planes, awacs are all fixed wings force multipliers, helicopters can also be counted as the same but it’s a good topic for some other day.

First let’s have a look at the mid air refuel aircraft India right now operate il-78mki, but in a new contest for 6 more MARS, the IAF selected the Airbus A-330 MRTT not just once but twice, because the deal had to be redone due to some the allegation of corruption. But still it made its way in however il-78 is not completely out of the race yet there still some hope as the cost of the MRTT seems too high right now, its future uncertain, however il-78 is not all good things at cheap rate, it has a higher life cycle cost this brings up the question which way are going?, resulting in the delay. It’s a decision which needs to be quickly because the IAF needs a new system because for an airforce of such big strength, only 6 are not enough, 12 would be somewhat sufficient. Continue reading


U.S. Defence Secretary Ashton Carter quite often has been heard saying he wants to co-produce fighter jet with India and his recent visit and recent Indian media reports hints at possible headway been made in talks with the United States on Making American fighter jet in India with tech transfers .

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar already has made it clear that by end of this year India will select another fighter jet which will be Made in India and there are strong possibilities that nearly 90 jets (126-36 Rafale) which were part of original MMRCA deal will be concluded under Government 2 Government deal and Boeing’s F/A-18E/F fighter jet is currently favoured by airforce and Defence ministry . Continue reading


Dear All

Team Threye Brains behind Indian Air Force’s Offical Game ” Guardians of the Skies” are working on new Game Featuring Aircraft Carrier and Mig-29K. Game is yet to go  official but they have contacted so that our readers can get Exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming Game so that You can Give Team Threye Your valuable feed back directly to them . Kindly find download links below .

Team Threye to Readers  Continue reading



Hyderabad-based Bharat Dynamic Limited (BDL) which is one of India’s leading manufacturer of ammunition and missile systems has tied up with DRDO and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) to jointly co-develop QR-SAM (Quick Reaction, Surface to Air Missile) to meet demands of Indian Army .

QR-SAM which is currently in development will see first developmental trials in next two or three years and will be completely indigenous missile system which will come with canister launchers and will be highly mobile air defence system with better range than Akash SAM Systems. Continue reading


“21st Century” Aerial warfare is no longer based on the lethality of a combat aircraft like it always have been in the past nor can it be judged on basic criteria like speed,agility, and firepower of the combat jet. Next generation Aerial warfare not only demands cutting edge firepower but also Smarter jets which can take up a host of new roles while in air and switch between several different missions in the same sortie.

Rafale Omnirole Combat Aircraft selected by India under MMRCA Contract was not only most advanced fighter jet but also smartest aircraft by far which was equipped with array of sophisticated electronics systems and equipment which let it beat its competition with ease and American legacy fighter jets like F-16 and F-18 currently been offered to India under ” Make in India ” lost the race by a mile . Continue reading