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Tank is a highly mobile armoured platform consisting of cannon and protective armor concealing the crew operating the tank and thereby increasing the percentage of their survival in a war zone. The necessity of battle tanks was felt during World War I to break through the obstacles and defences created by the enemy and at the same time cause havoc destruction to the adversary assets and strategic formations.

From World War II the Russian main battle tanks have undergone significant evolutions . The latest main battle tank in service is T-90 which was designed and built by Uralvagonzavod in Nizny Tagil of Russia. It was inducted in Russian military service in the year of 1993. T90 has a weight of 46 tonnes, is operated by a crew of 3, and has a cross country range of 550 Kilometers. It uses a 125 MM smoothbore gun, the 2A46M gun.

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Earlier this month supersonic BrahMos cruise missile was tested for Extended Range of 450 km from the present 290 km successfully. Extended Range was achieved after Software limitation enforced on BrahMos was removed after India became member of MTCR regime last year,

But BrahMos-ER with a range of 800km will be introduced by mid of 2019 as per DRDO Chief S Christopher. BrahMos-ER will require some hardware changes to enable it to strike targets up to 800km, which will be jointly developed by the Indian and Russian team soon. Continue reading


According to Alan Warnes, Assistant Editor for leading military aviation magazine ” AirForces Monthly” who attended 14th Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (Lima) exhibition 2017 In Malaysia in his latest tweet has said that as per his reliable sources Indian Air Force has shown Interest in procuring Mikoyan MiG-29N operated by Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

The Royal Malaysian Air Force ( RMAF ) in 1995 had procured 18 MiG-29N from Russia against expert advice from its own Defence Analyst and Ex-RMAF officials since RMAF was accustomed to fielding fighters from the West and in particular from the United States. Continue reading

SOURCE: shepard media with inputs

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is aiming to freeze the preliminary design of its Indian Multi-Role Helicopter (IMRH) so it can be built over the next 18 months. The state-owned aerospace firm is also looking for engines to power the IMRH.

HAL is likely to issue an RfI within next six months . The ambitious project to design and make a medium-lift helicopter for the armed forces has been in the offing for several years. About a decade back, HAL had invited bids from global helicopter majors to co-develop this class of helicopters, but the plan did not take off. Continue reading



Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) has completed design and development of the advanced version of Pilotless Target Aircraft (PTA), Lakshya-II and has now transferred the technology to private sector defence manufacturer Larsen and Toubro (L&T).

As per industrial sources close to, ADE after carrying out talks with Armed forces for their requirement for next generation Pilotless Target Aircraft has started preliminary works on Lakshya-III. Continue reading


India recently decided to use its indigenously developed Ushus-II state-of-the-art sonar suites to be equipped on Russian Supplied Kilo Conventional Submarine. Ushus-II sonar suites is a package of several sonars, which include passive sonar, active sonar, intercept sonar, obstacle avoidance sonar and underwater telephony.

India lately has been making serious efforts to develop underwater technologies in a big way and also is keen on developing indigenous solutions which can be replaced in imported submarines with better equipment thus saving on cost and also leading to local technical know of. Continue reading


                                         Japan’s Soryu-Class Submarine

According to latest Indian media report, Indian Navy has rejected the idea of ordering more Scorpène class French developed conventional submarines and has decided to pursue Project-75I. Under Project-75I tender Indian Navy plans to procure 6 new conventional submarines of higher displacement than the current Project-75 Scorpène/ kalavari class submarine due to evolving threat perception in the Indian Ocean.

While Indian Navy is yet to issue tenders for Project-75I to International bidders, unexpected technical changes in its requirements for the new submarine fleet will no doubt put prospective Builders India strategy in the back burners since submarine which they were planning to offer India, now will not be able to meet technical requirements of the Indian Navy. Continue reading


Nearly a year back in my article (How India is building an impregnable Air Defence coverage in Western sector) I had mentioned the development of a New Long Range Surface to air missile which was revealed by DRDO few years back. New missile had a reported range of 150 km to 200 km.

Now Saurav Jha who is prominent Indian Defence Journalist in his latest tweet has confirmed the development of very long range Surface to air missile with a reported range of 250km dubbed as XRSAM. Continue reading


HAL recently announced that it has started Internal studies to develop Unmanned combat version of home-grown Light combat aircraft which got lukewarm and mix response from Indian Defence Analysts, due to the preconceived opinion that unmanned specially un-stealth combat jets have limited utilities in modern warfare.

preconceived opinion was largely based on facts that In Past United States and China have largely used their retired combat jets as Aerial targeting drones and never in actual combat and when HAL proposed using Unmanned LCA-Tejas for combat many were dismissive about it, but new “Loyal Wingman” concept floated by Pentagon and US Air force last March 2016 Washington DC, might shed some new ideas how Unmanned combat jets can be made relevant even in modern warfare of the future . Continue reading


India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation developed Hyper-sonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) unmanned scram-jet demonstration aircraft for hypersonic speed flight is all set for developmental flight by end of this year. has been informed through sources that Integration of all final flight hardware is happening right now and the team and is confident to conduct first hydrocarbon flight with scram-jet combustor by late this year thus joining an Elite group of countries in the world who have initiated their own scramjet engine research for hypersonic flight above Mach 5. Continue reading


As the World politics and relations have started to shift its gears frequently after the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US President in January this year, the high seas around the Asia-Pacific has become more turbulent now. With the Chinese have been posturing more aggressive stance at South China Sea and the counter-offensive strategy by the joint force of the United States and Japan have heated up the high seas there. The big question is, what are the challenges and implications for India in this aspect with regard to the Chinese Naval Forays at Indian Ocean Region(IOR) have been growing over the past few years ? How it can overcome those challenges ?…

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Stone pelting incidents after Friday afternoon prayers between mobs and Indian security forces is becoming a routine affair in Kashmir now, clashes are also leading to large scale injuries among security forces which are seeing rising figures of the injured year on year among Indian security forces.

Stone pelting tactics which have been predominantly used by Palestinians against Israeli defence forces more or less has been successfully replicated in Kashmir by Islamic Jihadist but next round of tactics, if implemented in Kashmir, will present scary situations to Indian security forces in future. Continue reading


BrahMos Aerospace Limited will be showcasing BrahMos Supersonic cruise missile at Asia-Pacific’s largest maritime and air exhibitions ” Lima 2017 ” in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Malaysian government supported event, will start from 21st March until 25 March 2017. Organisers of LIMA 2017 are claiming that more than 500 exhibitors from 31 countries, 350 defence delegations from 38 countries, 600 media personnel from 127 agencies were be attending the event. Continue reading



Sudhir Mishra CEO&MD, BrahMos Aerospace while speaking to Indian media revealed how Russians were surprised when India was able to integrate BrahMos-A Supersonic Cruise missile with Sukhoi-30MKI without taking any help or collaboration with Russian companies.

Mishra also confirmed that when Indian decided to integrate 2.9 tonne Cruise missile on Sukhoi-30MKI, Russians being Orginal equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of both missile and aircraft were first asked for collaboration, initially Russians refused and later agreed to a hefty amount. Continue reading



Excalibur 5.56mm assault rifle

Indian Army has decided to go for an imported assault rifle to replace its problematic INSAS rifles but last round of attempts are been made by Ordnance Factory Board which will be sending a new prototype of 7.62x51mm Excalibur assault rifle dubbed AR-2 to Indian Army for Army trials in coming weeks soon.

As per information provided by Industrial sources to media. AR-2 is the Second version of indigenous Excalibur 5.56mm assault rifle developed by OFB which can fire 7.62×39 mm rounds. Continue reading