Senior MBDA official confirmed to Indian media that, MBDA in response to Request for Information (RFI) issued by Indian Navy earlier this year has offered its ” Sea Ceptor ” which is next-generation, ship-based, all-weather, air defense weapon system.

As per RFI issued by Indian Navy, Navy wants to purchase 10 short-range surface-to-air missile systems to replace its aging Israeli Barak-1 air defense systems. Continue reading


                                    R-73 used for Representation Pic

Enforcing Air Superiority in a war always will remain a primary factor for Indian Air Force and critical driving force which will factor in will be Air-Air Missile (AAM) deployed. AAMs now not only determine the outcome of a dogfight but it will also determine the outcome of the war.

In the pursuit to enforce Air Superiority doctrine and boost its fighter weapon system design and development. India’s premier weapons research and development organization ” DRDO” achieved an important milestone when its Astra MK1 Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) achieved 7 Successful launch and interceptions of Aerial targets tested out in real combat situations with indigenous seeker thus completing its developmental trials which first begin in 2003. Continue reading



Facing considerable order pressure at home turf from Lockheed Martin developed F-35C carrier-variant stealth fighter jets in the race to power Airwing of United States Navy’s Next Generation Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier fleet, US defense major Boeing which has stumbled upon Indian tender for supply of 150-200 of its F/A-18 Super Hornet to Indian Air Force and Indian Navy is already planning to up its game over its bid to secure orders over its rivals from India .

India already has floated tender for procurement of 57 multi-role carrier-borne fighters (MRCBF) for Indian Navy and also plans to float a separate tender for 100 + Twin engine fighter requirement for its Airforce. Boeing already has responded to Indian Navy’s Request for Information (RFI) sought under MRCBF tender and has shown interest in participating in IAF tender too when it is issued, but Boeing is also fully aware that both the tenders will see intense competitions and have reportedly told Indian officials that they are willing to offer India Block 3 Super Hornet to seal the deal . Continue reading


Last month Army Aviation Corps (AAC) got a major boost when Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) accepted the recommendation of Indian Army Headquarters and agreed to procure Six Apache attack helicopter which will see service with AAC instead of command and control of Indian Air Force.

For Now, DAC has dismissed an earlier request made by Army for full three squadrons of 39 Apache attack helicopters and IAF will be allowed to keep earlier ordered 22 Boeing AH-64 Apache for time being but sources close to say that small victory which AAC got, will only intensify war on command of Aviation assets like Apache in future . Continue reading


Found among DRDO Tender documents while still making rounds on the deep world of Internet, above is a Schematics of what could be India’s submarine-launched ” Takshak ” heavy-weight torpedoes (HWTs) Project which have been under development from 2012 on wards.

Often referred in media has Submarine variant of India’s Ship based Varunastra heavyweight anti-submarine torpedo developed by Naval Science and Technological Laboratory of the DRDO for the Indian Navy. Takshak HWT can be dubbed as advance improved variant specifically customised and improved to meet challenging underwater operational requirements at great depths and pressure for Combat operations from a submarine. Continue reading


India’s latest long-range ultra-light (ULH) howitzer M-777 unit while going through Homologation process with Indian made ammunition suffered Barrel damages at the field trial in Pokhran firing range. Indian media reports quickly blamed faulty Indian ammunition as a possible reason for the Barrel burst but M-777 does have a History of Barrel Burst which was not highlighted in their reports.

The field trials of the 155 mm, 39-calibre guns manufactured by BAE systems were Joint exercise between Indian Army and BAE Personnel who are in India for Homologation process with Indian made ammunition. Both Indian Army and BAE systems have not confirmed nor denied that Barrel Burst was due to faulty Indian ammunition nor any inquiry report hints at it, yet Indian media were quick to blame it on faulty Indian ammunition. Continue reading


After a tedious MMRCA tender, with years of trials and all, the tender was scrapped. IAF is facing acute shortage of fighter jets and IN too needs more carrier based fighters. IAF needs another line of light fighters to replace MIG 21/27 fleet to fill the gap with a cheap, low maintenance and effective fighter. A good decision to fill the void as soon as possible.

But, on what basis it was decided that a light fighter can be the one viz single engine? A light fighter should be classified based on it’s performance attributes, procurement and maintenance costs and not by it’s engine if the ultimate goal is to fill the gap with an effective fighter. In my opinion, it is an unfair and weird discrimination policy for defense procurement’s? Let’s take F-16 and F 18 for an example, the procurement cost of F 18, a twin engine jet is slightly more than F-16 but the maintenance cost of F-18 is the least among all Front line fighters in US Forces. Continue reading


                                                          REPRESENTATIONAL PICTURE

Indian Air Force is getting a Desi Aerial fire power make over as DRDO and Ministry of Defence have been clearing major projects to develop a cluster of aerial weapons systems which will replace expensive imported weapons systems used by Indian Air Force for its operations.

What started off almost a decade back to replace basic aerial weapons with indigenous replacement is fast gaining space to develop series of new aerial weapons which will make Indian Air Force completely independent from foreign weapons manufacturers in less than a decade. Few of the Project initiated by the DRDO has been listed below.

Continue reading


With an aim to speed up production of Light Combat Aircraft, HAL Chief T Suvarna Raju has asked 3 Main private companies involved in the production of main and rear fuselage along with wings to speed up their production capabilities so that HAL can produce more than 16 planes per year.

Raju speaking to media said that HAL can produce 8 more LCA-Tejas per year if outsourced private companies can fast track their delivery schedules of contracted fuselage and wings. Continue reading


T Suvarna Raju Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Hindustan Aeronautics while speaking to CNBC-TV18 said that the company is expecting to close orders for more 200 units of Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) over orders for 73 which it has already secured for its Advanced Light Helicopter in 2017.

Earlier this week, HAL bagged contract for the supply of 41 Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) to the Indian Army and one to the Indian Navy and In March this year, HAL had signed a contract for the supply of 32 ALH to Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard. Continue reading


It might have raised few eyebrows in Bejing when outgoing Indian Defence Minister Arun Jaitley along with Senior Indian Naval officials also accompanied by DRDO Chief was given a guided tour of Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces Kawasaki’s P-1 maritime patrol aircraft developed indigenously by Japan as a replacement for its fleet of Lockheed P-3 Orions.

P-1 maritime patrol aircraft will make its India debut as part of 2018 edition of Malabar exercise in India which has been confirmed by media reports and it is expected that a full-scale demonstration of the aircraft’s capabilities will be showcased to Indian Ministry and Naval officers. Continue reading


Sandeep Unnithan. Exec Editor, India Today who was first broke stories on development of INS Arihant and development of K-15 and K-4 Submarine Launched Ballistic missile has revealed, more about India’s Nuclear Submarine Plans and has confirmed that INS Aridhaman which will be India’s Second Ballistic Missile Submarine will be stretched Arihant Class ship which has double the Missile carrying capabilities and is unlikely to be called Arihant sister ship rather will be known as Aridhaman lead ship of a new SSBN Class .

Sister ship of Aridhaman which will be similar to the lead ship Aridhaman currently is designated as S4 and another follow on Sister Class dubbed as S4* (Plus) will make up Three Aridhaman Ballistic Missile Class Submarine fleet of Indian Navy. Continue reading


While Indian Air Force plans to conduct no hold barred User Trials of India’s first indigenously developed Beyond Range Air-to-air missile Astra Missiles in few days to gauge the performance of the missile system in real threat operational environment, makers of LCA-Tejas have decided to start working on integrating Astra BVRAAM into LCA-Tejas soon.

Limited Serial Production lot of 50 Astra BVRAAM which has entered production at the recently opened production facility by Defence minister Arun Jaitley will exclusively be used to train pilots to understand strength and weakness of the missile system so that it can be used at optimal level and initial lot will also be used for integration work with other fighters in IAF fleet . Continue reading


In my Previous article, (Click Here ) my report had assumed that Makers of Gripen fighter jets mostly likely will tie up with Adani Aero Defence Systems & Technologies Ltd to build Gripen-E fighter jets soon after Lockheed and Tata Advanced Systems Ltd entered into an agreement to develop and become part of global supply chain for F-16s in production, modernization, and maintenance of this jets in India.

Under India’s ‘Strategic Partnership’ (SP) policy each Private sector player will be selected in four segments. fighter aircraft, helicopters, submarines and armored fighting vehicles/main battle tanks who will bag exclusive right to develop in partnership with a foreign vendor on strategic defense programs in India. Continue reading


US defence major Boeing along with French defence major Dassault Aviation both are claiming that their Rafale M and F-18 E/F Carrier fighter aircraft which have been offered to Indian Navy to meet its MRCBF Tender issued few weeks backs for 57 Carrier borne fighter aircraft can operate from INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant.

Indian Navy not to go by word is planning to carry out series of carrier qualifications trials which will be carried out from INS Vikramaditya to check if it’s compatible with Indian Navy’s Aircraft carrier fleet. Continue reading