T. Suvarna Raju, Director (Design & Development) of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd speaking to media spilled the beans that ongoing Collaboration with Israel to develop Improved AESA radar based on ELTA’s developed LM-2052 – Active Electronic Scan Array Airborne Fire Control Radar will also be used on fighter jets of Indian Air force.

Improved EL/M-2052 active electronically scanned array radar will be used on Tejas MK-1A aircraft and will also be used in IAF’s Jaguar Darin III upgraded jets. Continue reading


Indian Navy recently successfully test-fired newly developed Barak-8, aka long-range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) from Kolkata-class guided-missile destroyer INS Kolkata. Barak-8 LRSAM Successfully destroyed maneuverable Mig-29K on its path at extended range effectively demonstrating its full operational capabilities in fully autonomous mode while working in tandem with MF-STAR radar system and other on-board warship sensors.

Many Defence Analysts have termed development of India’s new Naval SAM Batteries has a game changer in the region allowing Indian Naval Ships to effectively counter Chinese Ship-borne Subsonic Cruise missiles along with various Anti-ship missiles effectively. Continue reading


Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Robin K. Dhowan speaking to Indian media highlighted some of the steps taken by Indian Navy to fill the operational gap due to the shortage of helicopters and also confirmed that case for procurement of additional ALH Dhruv is in the final stage of negotiations with HAL.

While in past Indian Navy had virtually written off the naval variant of the advanced light helicopter (ALH), Dhruv, saying it has failed to meet basic operational requirements. Navy only operates 6 Naval Dhruv and have refused to place further orders with HAL since it was not satisfied with the chopper’s rotor blade folding mechanism which are crucial for storage of helicopters on warships. Continue reading


India’s Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) recently cleared the purchase of estimated Rs 40,000-crore worth of Russian S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems just ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia last month.

But after his visit to Russia, there was no official word on what happened to possible purchase agreement of S-400. While few Indian Media houses reported that Russian officials have given Indian officials Cold response on the matter related to the sale of S-400 Air defence systems to India, now reports are emerging that Russia is arm-twisting India so has to secure another multi-billion dollar Military deal. Continue reading


Marketing Arm of Swedish defence major Saab India has been campaigning in India even when their offer on sale of Gripen fighter aircraft for MMRCA tender was rejected due to aircraft not meeting Indian Air Forces Air Staff requirements few years back.

Saab India for some years now has been making attempts to sell their Gripen fighter jets in neither in transfer of technology or Joint venture offer even when India’s homegrown LCA-Tejas project has been gaining traction and recently IAF placed an order for 108 improved LCA from HAL. Continue reading


Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) chairman T Suvarna Raju recently stated that as Indian Air Force has cleared specification termed Standard of preparation 2018 (SOP-18) for improved LCA Tejas MK-1P which clearly mentions incorporation of few key requirements such as air-to-air refueling probe, podded self-protection jammer, integration of AESA radar and improved maintainability of the aircraft .

first improved LCA Tejas MK-1P according to agreed schedules between HAL and IAF will have its first flight by 2017 and enter production by 2019 for which IAF already has committed 108 Aesa equipped MK-1P type while earlier 40 ordered LCA Tejas MK-1 will come with Israel Aerospace Industries/ELTA Systems-supplied EL/M-2032 MMR fire control radar. Continue reading


According to the Chinese Ministry of National Defence (MND) website Twin seater J-10SH belonging to PLAN’s East Sea Fleet crashed during a night training flight on 17 December with both Pilots carrying out successful ejection from the ill-fated aircraft.

Crash occurred in Zeguo town, Taizhou city, near Zhejiang Province and it is a third confirmed crash of the Chinese J-10 fighter jet this year while unconfirmed reports put a figure of 4 crashes in 2015 alone. Continue reading


Visit of Prime minister Narendra Modi to Russia carried a lot of expectation for Indian Air force which had hoped visit to could finally break the logjam in many long-pending Joint ventures which are refusing to take off due to the mutual difference between India and Russia.

News coming from Moscow on Indo-Russian 5th Generation fighter FGFA project is not much encouraging and IAF is pretty much furious about the lack of any development on the deal for last few years now.

Reports which are emerging in Indian Media reports indicate that India and Russia have again failed to find a breakthrough on talks of the development of PAK-FA 5th generation fighter jet and certain section even calling deal on Pak-FA collapsed indefinitely. Continue reading


India’s second indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-2) aka INS Vishal might still be in the preliminary design stage, but it is pretty evident now that Two Cold war Bitter Rivals will join hands with India in the development of Next Aircraft carrier for Indian Navy which will help it dominate seas beyond its area of influence.

Russia’s Neva Design Bureau is closely working with Indian Navy’s Naval Design Bureau (NDB) which has been tasked to design and develop Biggest Warship India has ever developed in Country. Continue reading


Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Robin K. Dhowan while speaking to media said that Navy will like to be part of countries ambitious project to develop its own stealth combat drones or UCAVs (unmanned combat aerial vehicles) which can carry internal weapons for Strike missions.

Defence Ministry recently cleared Rs 2650 crore project to develop futuristic Stealth UCAV with an 8-year deadline in the country for which a new “52-kN dry variant aerospace engine will be developed from the technology used in indigenously developed Kaveri engine which failed to become power plant for the Tejas light combat aircraft. Continue reading


German Company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) which was initially considering offering Type-212A /Type-214 Conventional submarines for India’s Project-75I is now open to offering more recently designed Type 218 diesel-electric submarine developed by its HDW subsidiary to beat rising competition in upcoming Indian Submarine tender to procure Six Stealthy Diesel Submarines equipped with AIP Systems.

According to media reports, TMKS which have started manufacturing two new Type 218SG diesel-electric submarines for the Republic of Singapore Navy is willing to offer new submarine customised as per Indian Navy requirements to meet India’s Project-75I technical requirements. Continue reading


In a Major Boost to Indian Private defence sector companies, tri-service purchase requirements of Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) tender issued in 2010 will be scraped again for the second time to allow Indian Private defence sector companies to become co-developers of selected equipment in India after Transfer of Technology (TOT).

India’s initially will purchase 5185 units followed by local production along with TOT for follow-up order might be of around 15000 units, which will be manufactured in India with selected Indian Partner by selected winner. Continue reading


India lost one of the gems of Test Pilot who had achieved a legendary status in Indian Air force year ago in a criminal act. Retd Air commodore Parvez Hamilton Khokhar who has been credited with more than 5000 flying hours on 62 different type of aircraft will always be remembered has a maverick of test pilot India has ever seen for decades to come.

Parvez Khokhar graduated as an experimental test pilot in 1978 from framed ASTE Air Force Test Pilots School and was soon deputed to test high-risk trials on HF-24, Ajeet and Mig-21 fighter jets. Continue reading


After home-grown nuclear-powered submarine INS Arihant successfully conducted ejection test of an underwater Dummy B-05 (K-15) missile for the first time in the Bay of Bengal, more tests are been planned for this month said informed sources to media.

INS Arihant and Dummy B-05 (K-15) missile are been tested in fully operational configuration to validate underwater Ejection mechanism and series of Ejections are planned to mimic different operational configuration under which nuclear submarine and missile firing will take place. Continue reading


In our previous report ( Read French refuse to Integrate Indian Weapons systems in Rafale jet), we had informed how French officials were refusing to integrate Indian developed weapons system in french build Rafale jet specially Airforce demands to integrate Indigenously developed Astra Beyond visual range Air to Air missile with Rafale’s Thales RBE2 AESA fire-control radar system.

As per informed sources IAF and Dassault and French officials have now come on board and have agreed to India’s request to integrate Astra BVRAAM after India agreed to pay the additional cost for system integration which also requires minimum structural changes to its wing pylons. Continue reading