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Three French made Rafale Fighter jet from  Armée de l’Air ( French Air Force ) have landed in Air force Station Yelahanka in Bengaluru to participate in 10th International Aero India 2015 which will start from 18 till 22 February this month .

Three French made Rafale Fighter will be on Static and Flying Display on all four days . Two Trainer variant along with one Single seater Fighter variant have landed today and from tomorrow will be doing practice flight tests in the vicinity.    Continue reading


In a candid admission, DRDO officials have admitted to at Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS) Expo 2015 held in Goa that blanked Ban of supply of Tatra Trucks have affected the supply of many key weapons systems which require Tatra Trucks for mobility .

Swathi ( Weapons locating radar ) which has been primarily designed to locate guns, mortars, rockets have cleared all user trials and has entered limited production but due to lack of Tatra trucks further deliveries have been on slower side admitted officials . Pinaka MK-1 / MK-2 Rocket systems are also affected by lack of Rocket launcher which needs to be mounted on Tatra Trucks said the official. Continue reading


Bangalore-based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) which participated in Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS) Expo 2015 held in Goa confirmed to that long-range Subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay successfully test fired on  17 October, used a Russian provided engine and Indian developed engine of similar thrust class is under development . Continue reading


Russian company United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation will be having a planned meetings  with representatives from the Indian Air Force and aircraft manufactures from the corporation Hindustan Aeronautics Limited on sidelines of  Aero India-2015 exhibition which will be held from February 18-22.

Russian Company will discuss the possibility of upgrading the communication equipment of the Su-30MKI Indian fighter jets and also outfitting Russian-Indian aircraft such as the FGFA fighter jet and the MTA transport aircraft with communication equipment. Continue reading


At Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS) Expo 2015 held in Goa, spoke to Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) officials who had participated in the Expo. Lakshay pilotless target aircraft (PTA) developed by ADE has been one of their Key successful Product which has been widely Inducted into Indian Armed forces which provides realistic towed aerial sub-targets for live fire training.

ADE has confirmed to that Users ( Armed Forces ) are demanding new Supersonic missile target which can be used to train and simulate realistic training and evaluation for Users. Continue reading


At Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS) Expo 2015 held in Goa, spoke to GTRE officials who had participated in the Expo and in a candid admission to have confirmed that plans to test Kaveri engine on Twin engines fighter jets or Lca Tejas aircraft has been dropped permanently.

GTRE had plans to use retired Tejas PV-1 aircraft to test Kaveri engine, but MOD recently cleared closure of the ambitious engine development project undertaken by Bengaluru-based Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE). Continue reading


Under Defence Technology and Trade Initiative, (DTTI) talks Washington has agreed to assist Delhi in sharing, designing and developing jet engines for aircraft.

New engine most likely will be for Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) which is a single-seat, twin-engine fifth-generation stealth multirole fighter which will be developed by India. Final design work of AMCA has been completed and final design model of the aircraft will be showcased in soon to be held Aero India 2015 this month after which Government of India will officially grant funds for the project . Continue reading


Indian Navies first Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance Patrol Aircraft (LRMR) Tu-142M landed at INS Hansa Naval base in Goa way back in 1988 and first Naval Tu-142M will complete 27 years of service next month. With Zero aircraft lost to attrition since it induction, Squadron strength still remains 8 aircrafts, but their era soon might be all set to fly into Sunset. Continue reading


Successive failure in finding suitable replacement for ageing Hawker Siddeley HS 748 ” Avro ” aircraft has prompted IAF to reassess their priorities and aircrafts requirements.

IAF had brought 125 AN-32 aircrafts from Soviet Union and recently has upgraded 40 An-32s in Ukraine and the remaining 65 will be overhauled at the BRD-1 aviation plant of the IAF in Kanpur. Continue reading


India did not display its nuclear-capable Agni-V missiles during the Republic Day parade Monday, where US President Barack Obama was the Chief Guest.

Agni missile series always have been showcased in India’s Republic day parade right from days of Agni-TD in mid 90’s, While Media was kept in dark regarding real reasons behind why it was missing from the parade. Murmurs making rounds for last few years have been that Americans are asking India to Cap further missile developments. Continue reading


According to latest media reports accessed by , India’s first indigenously designed and built Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) aka INS Vikrant will complete major outfitting on the ship by 2016 on schedule and will progress to carry out basin trails and extensive sea trials later before it could be delivered to Indian Navy in 2018.

The keel for Vikrant was laid by then Defence Minister A.K. Antony at the Cochin Shipyard on 28 February 2009 was launched on 12 August 2013 and immediately it was re-docked for completion of the rest of the work. at that time about 83% of the fabrication work and 75% of the construction work had been completed. Continue reading


HAL’s Director Design Swarna Raju in interview to Oneindia has confirmed that Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) designed Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) Sitara to be used for Stage-II training in Indian Air Force and which will replace Kiran-MK1/2 trainers has undergone modification to airframe and in next 15 days will take its first flight . Continue reading


India has an air space of 3,287,264 km2 to guard against its formidable enemies, Pakistan and China, both of whom possess significant aerial threat in case of a war. More concerning is the fact that both are allies and that raises the possibility of a two front war.

So how is the Indian air defenses ready for this threat? Continue reading


India and US after renewed and enhanced Defense Framework Agreement have agreed to work on Joint development and Production of four key defense Projects and one of them is to enhance Indian air forces C-130J with specialized electronic intelligence kits called as “Senior Scout ” which is a Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system.

Senior Scout, a pallet mounted communications and electronic intelligence system, built into a trailer-like container that can be rolled on and off C-130 aircrafts. Senior Scout container also accommodates operators who collect SIGINT (signals intelligence), ELINT (electronic intelligence) and COMINT (communications intelligence). Continue reading


India and US officials Under the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) talks have agreed in joint development of the jet engine technology, Indian Ambassador to US S Jaishankar to avoid further confusion also clarified that ” it was much broader than the Kaveri jet engine that India is already working on” .

Clarification coming from Indian Ambassador for joint development was clear that it will not be further or enhanced development of Kaveri engine which last year was officially terminated after engine project failed to achieve its design parameters. Kaveri engine was also officially De-linked from LCA Tejas Project in 2009 and GTRE plans for a Joint venture to develop a new engine based on French designed Snecma M88-2 core with French Snecma company failed to materialise after few years of negotiation. Continue reading

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