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Like most of Indian Soap opera which run for years, or even decades with mindless twist and turns and few surprises Procurement of fighter aircraft for Indian air force also generates the same level of excitement over the Internet, with many defence experts and pundits throwing in their own suggestions and national media quoting their so called sources and try their best to keep spinning new stories with so-called leaks.

Spectacle tendering process, nail-biting selection procedures heated debates over national media and on various defence forums all play perfectly in the public arena with zero results at the end of whole tamasha. Continue reading


Sitanshu Kar official Spokesperson for Ministry of Defence India has twitted Picture of aircraft carrier INS Viraat going into Cochin Shipyard dry docks for its last refit become it’s scheduled decommissioning in 2016.

Cochin Shipyard will be carrying out underwater maintenance spanning 60 days at the yard, which will involve thorough check on its pipes and hydraulic systems, will also be checked for barnacles, cleaned and repainted and re-plated wherever necessary to ensure 56-year-old carrier’s last mega event International Fleet Review (IFR), scheduled early next year goes glitch-free. Continue reading


According to latest media report, Indian air force is contemplating ordering 3 Squadrons of Russian variant of 5th generation fighter jet off the shelf while negotiation to develop Customized variant based dubbed Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA).

Indian air force had projected requirements of 8 Squadrons (144 aircrafts) of FGFA, but constant delays in drafting final $11billionresearch and development (R&D) agreement for FGFA which have been dragging on for years now due to disagreements over Price and work share agreements have already led to considerable delays in the project. Continue reading


According to the latest report prepared by Prominent Journalist Ajay Shukla, state owned Company HAL which has been developing Tejas MK-I + aircraft which will be equipped with Modern AESA radar along with electronic warfare (EW) systems and will  fall in between Tejas MK-1 and Tejas MK-II wants confirmed orders for aircraft type.

MK-I + is in-house project initiated by HAL after IAF agreed to looking into the project owing due to delays in whole Tejas program .HAL has asked Indian air force to order as much as 80 aircrafts over 40 already ordered for Tejas MK-1 aircrafts. IAF had requirement of 83 MK-II aircrafts which HAL feels can be substituted by MK-I + with marginal drop in performance. IAF’s LCA aircraft type requirements will be close to 300 aircrafts according to many Defence analyst in a decade, since by 2019 all Light weight Mig-21 aircrafts will be phased out. Continue reading


Size Comparisons between Current Gen BrahMos and BrahMos-Next Generation (NG)  

As per media reports South Africa, Venezuela, Chile, and Malaysia have expressed Interest in acquiring Air variant of supersonic cruise  missile “BrahMos-NG” currently been developed by India’s DRDO and Russian NPO Mashinostroyeniya

Many Countries have already been briefed about BrahMos-A Which is Air launched Variant of Current Generation BrahMos which will be integrated into Su-30MKI aircraft of the Indian Air Force, but due to its weight not many are keen on carrying out special modification required for integration into launch aircrafts . Continue reading


“You can die crossing the street,” he observed, “or you could die in a nuclear war. You’ve got to die some day anyway.” Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Munir Akram, reiterated Pakistan’s refusal of a no-first-use policy amid 2001-2002 India-Pakistan standoff after an attack on Indian Parliament, then India’s Defence Minister George Fernandes responded by saying “India can survive a nuclear attack, but Pakistan cannot”.

For long Pakistan believed that its aggressive nuclear posturing will deter any Indian response in event of any terror-related incidents but all that changed due to two main development in India, which many in India believed gave India enough reasons to call Pakistan’s nuclear bluff. Continue reading


Multi-billion dollar tender to purchase 126 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA), for which Rafale was shortlisted in 2012, was withdrawn by the government of India and Confirmed by Defence minister Manohar Parrikar on the floor of the Upper House to the Countries Parliamentarians last week .

But as per new reports emerging in the media Government of India is planning to soon float a new tender to produce 90 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) in India with participation of Private aerospace companies in India . Continue reading


Earlier this year in Aero India 2015 , Defence major Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) showcased Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) which sported new foldable rotor system which will enable it to meet the Indian Navy’s deck requirements.

HAL also had offered Naval LUH with wheeled undercarriage and marinization of its power-plant and key systems to ensure optimal utilization during extended operations at sea. Continue reading


Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Anubhav Mohanty in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, 30 July 2015 informed Parliamentarians that Since its induction in 2001, 8 Advance Light Helicopter (DHRUV) which were manufactured by state-owned Company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) were lost in various accidents over the years.

He also assured Parliamentarians that all reported accidents have been investigated by a Court of Inquiry as per extant instructions and Necessary modifications/upgradations have been carried out, on the basis of past experience, to cater to Defence Forces’ requirements. Continue reading



Minister of State for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh in Rajya Sabha in A written reply to AK Selvaraj on Thursday, 30 July 2015 informed Parliamentarians that ADOUR 871 engines currently manufactured by state-owned Company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) have achieved 2000 hours Time between overhaul (TBO) which is designated TBO of that engine.

Singh confirmed that Life of Engines was earlier restricted to 1000 hours for those engines manufactured at HAL. This was due to the restrictions on the life of 4 components. The TBO was subsequently increased to 1400 hours by the Lifing Committee. Continue reading


After having failed to achieve the required thrust to power Light Combat Aircraft, the indigenously developed Kaveri engine will now be used to power Indian Unmanned Combat Aircraft, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has said.

In a written reply to Rajya Sabha, Parrikar said the total expenditure incurred on development of Kaveri engine so far is Rs 2,101 crore. Continue reading


Former President of India A?P?J Abdul Kalam nearly 4 years back urged Indian scientists to work on development of a new world-class missile systems which could be world’s first such weapons system which will ensure 100% destruction of the target with no defensive mechanism to stop it .

Kalam visioned hypersonic potent missile System which could travel at the speed of Mach-7-10 deliver the warhead, assess the destruction of the target, come back and get ready to go again. Continue reading


While Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean , Has kept many Asian countries on the Edge, India which has unsettled border dispute with China for nearly Six decades and had fought a short war in 1962 with China might be one of few countries with whom China might have border conflict in future .

Many Chinese defence analyst for years have predicted that how Sino-Indo border conflict in future to settle border dispute might be unavoidable for Chinese leadership and Indian military planners to have responded by preparing for possible Two frontal attacks on India from Chinese and its ally Pakistan . Continue reading


India is finally showing some urgency in developing Second indigenous aircraft carrier-II (IAC-II) due to rising Chinese threat in the Indian Ocean. Carrier which will be named “INS Vishal” will have proposed displacement of 65,000 ton, Once ready INS Vishal will be largest aircraft carrier operated by Indian Navy and Biggest warship ever constructed in Indian Shipyards.

While Navy is busy studying and finalizing specifics like the exact tonnage, the type of propulsion as well as other parameters for the new aircraft carrier, there also is Silent debates happening among Senior ranked Naval Aviators about possible aircrafts which will serve on-board new aircraft carrier when it’s ready. Continue reading


Post the Kargil war, Indian security establishment felt urgent need to usher in some fundamental changes. The Home ministry, helmed by L.K Advani, the second  most powerful minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee led NDA government,  who also went on to become the Deputy PM, approved some sweeping changes, that were not only unprecedented but also pretty much in genuine.

Some of these changes included- Continue reading

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