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History repeats its selfs, but when it comes to Russians, their Blackmail tactics also repeat its self Said high ranking serving officer of Indian air force to when asked about talks between Pakistan and Russia on possible sale of Sukhoi Su-35 .

They want a deal on Pak-fa, but IAF has been adamant since it feels Product has not matured enough to be accepted at face value without carrying out detail technical evaluation by our team to gauge tall claims made by Russians on Pak-fa Said the officer close to . Continue reading


According to latest Military Industrial reports United states dominates with 46 % Market Share of Armed Military helicopters in the world. Us made Textron Bell AH-1 Cobra, Textron Bell OH-58 Kiowa and Boeing AH-64 Apache at present make up 18-19 % of that market share with each helicopter having Production run of more than 1000 units, which pretty much will keep United states in the lead for next few decades to come, even though two of the earlier mentioned helicopters are no longer in production .

Textron Bell AH-1 Cobra and Textron Bell OH-58 Kiowa both described as Light attack helicopters had a combined production run for more than 2100 helicopters which will need replacements by their respective users in next a decade or two and United states is replacing their current fleet with more expensive and heavier Boeing AH-64 Apache leaves plenty for others to fill up the void. Continue reading


Defence Analyst Ranesh Rajan told that recent decision by the Indian government to approve procurement of ten missile-armed Israeli-made Heron TP reflects a change in military mindset on the controversial weapons systems and on its usage.

Heron TP which is a medium-altitude, long endurance UAV is produced by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which can be airborne for a maximum flight time of around 36 hours and can 1000kg Air-to-Ground ammunition’s /missiles which can be deployed in counter-insurgency/terrorism operations . Continue reading


Sergey Vlasov, Ceo of Nevskoye design bureau at St. Petersburg speaking with Russian media said that and Nevskoye design bureau one responsible for converting Vikramaditya from a cruiser to a carrier remains committed to supporting the ship throughout its lifetime and also said that it has received positive feedback from commodore Suraj berry who is commissioning captain of the ship on INS Vikramaditya.

Nevskoye Design Bureau have started working on developing Next Generation Nuclear Powered heavy aircraft carriers for Russian Navy and unofficially have informed Indian counterparts their willingness to partner Indian Navy and Indian shipyards in their future projects. Continue reading


While India is yet to formally issue Request for proposal (RFP) for the Project (P)-75I, under which Indian navy plans to acquire 6 modern Conventional Stealth submarines. Russian Rubin Design Bureau
who is responsible for Amur class Submarine design have briefed Russian media that they have completed technical flexibility of Integrating BrahMos missiles system and Air Independent Propulsion if desired by Indian Navy.

Chief designer at Rubin Design Bureau Mr. Igor Molchanov believes that Integrating BrahMos missiles system and Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) are expected to be two key requirements which Indian navy might request in RFP for P-75I. Continue reading


According to reports prepared by Russian media, India and Russia are exploring possible supply of new T-90MS battle tanks. T-90MS also referred as Tagil, was first unveiled in 2011 was offered to India soon after.

India at present locally manufactures older T-90S tanks and already operates more than 1000 T-90 tanks in its current fleet. new T-90MS which India plans to procure is for China front as per Indian media reports. Continue reading


In Chinese mythology, the duel between fire and water is described as one of wits. It was a contest between equals, a contest for supremacy, one that was seemingly stuck in a deadlock, only till water decided to transform and claim the stakes once and for all. Water, in all its wisdom , transformed into ice, assuming that its new found form, will intimidate fire into submission.

On the contrary, fire was able to melt water down and win the battle. Thus, this story proves that change must come with some analysis. A mere transformation may not always help us prevail over our enemies; objectivity and reason can help us prepare better. In the midst of the Gurdaspur attacks, police personnel were seen swarming the place, dressed in high tech attire and carrying Israeli Tavors, but like ice, their transformation was inadequate. They lacked basic head gear and other protective equipments that could have served them better. However, a combination of pure luck with their well executed combing operation ensured that the stand-off ended without any tragedy. Continue reading


India’s quest to procure Armed Drones from a friendly Country has been long lasting one, United states dominates Armed UAVs and have for long designed, long-endurance, high-altitude surveillance UAVs like General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper which have dominated ongoing counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan .

U.S Government which has established policy for exports of armed drones earlier this year limits export of Armed drones under strict conditions which make a purchase of Armed drones nearly impossible. Continue reading


Indian Air Force’s daredevil aerobatic squadron is all set to spread its wings in skies once again. A spokesperson for Ministry of defence Sitanshu Kar has tweeted first pictures of 4 Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer in their distinctive orange and white livery colours.

According to Sitanshu Kar with 4 aircrafts will make Comeback on Airforce day on 08 October. Surya Kirans will have only 4 aircrafts and will perform basic manoeuvres at present and will buildup to nine aircraft gradually, and the level of difficulty in close formation flying will be progressively enhanced. Continue reading


Hindustan Aeronautics limited and Bharat electronics both which are Public sector companies are only two Indian firms which figure in Top 100 Defence Companies report prepared by

Hindustan Aeronautics limited with revenue of 2480 million for FY2014-15 stands at 38th position up one position from last year and Bharat electronics With revenue of 875 million for FY2014-15 stands at 76th position down by two position from last year . Continue reading


While the US wants to replicate level of closeness that Russia has historically enjoyed with Indian Navy, what it can’t ignore is that Indian navy already operates large number of Mig-29K fighter jets which will also serve on IAC-2 on which US and India are working together .

Indications are that Navy will go forward with IAC-2 which will be equipped with latest General atomics developed Electro-magnetic aircraft launch systems (EMALS) which also includes incorporation of Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) which is an aircraft recovery system . Continue reading


In May last year India secretly tested its most advanced submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) to date K-4 with reported range of 3500km from an undersea firing platform enforcing India’s Second strike capability which was achieved after India’s first undersea missile K-15 Aka B-05 with strike range of 750-km-range completed its Development trials few years back.

India’s first Nuclear Ballistic missile Submarine “INS Arihant” is likely to carry out first test launch of SLBM from Submarine by end of this year, DRDO Chief already has confirmed it will be limited to K-15 Aka B-05 and other missiles (K-4) will be integrated at later stage . Continue reading


DRDO is giving final touches to its MK-II variant of Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) system which can hit targets up to 60 km and soon it will be offered to Indian Army to begin user trials before it is cleared for production.

Developmental trials of 214 mm Pinaka MK-II unguided rocket system was completed by DRDO earlier this year and currently it has been prepped up for user trials which Indian Army will be carrying out in Jaisalmer by end of this year . Continue reading


Russia which has partnered with Reliance Defence and Aerospace on possible collaboration to Co-Produce Ka-226 helicopters in India is still holding talks with state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. [HAL] on possible assembly of Ka-226 helicopters at HAL facilities said a recent media report.

Maharashtra government recently allotted 289 acres of land in Nagpur to Anil Ambani-controlled Reliance Group to build an aerospace park that will consist of assembly lines and manufacturing facilities for fixed-wing aircraft, aerostructure for commercial transport planes and helicopters for both military and commercial use. Continue reading



European Aerospace major Airbus at Paris Air Show earlier this year offered to assist India in Production of Tejas MK-II aircrafts in India with an Indian Private player. India has responded positively and has held a preliminary rounds of dicussions on the offer.

Sources in MoD have told that MOD is now ‘seriously’ examining to establish a private-public partnership (PPP) to fast-track setting up of a manufacturing base for Mk-2 variant in order to bolster the Indian Air Force’s (IAF’s) declining fighter fleet. Continue reading

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