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A Report prepared by earlier this year is finally coming out to be true, in a report prepared in March ( Read INS Arihant to make debut at International Fleet Review 2016?) had informed it readers about INS Arihant likely to make debut at International Fleet Review (IFR).

Now it’s been confirmed by Indian Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R.K.Dhowan that INS Arihant will be part of International Fleet Review (IFR) 2016 to be held in February at Visakhapatnam which will be attended by Prime minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee. Continue reading


Indian Air Force’s plans to modify 123 licence-built Jaguar Strike aircrafts by fitting them with more powerful Honeywell F-125IN turbofan engines finally has seen some progressed again.

Sources in IAF have confirmed to that plans to procure 280 Honeywell F-125IN engines for around USD2.5 billion is progressing well and MOD and Honeywell Aerospace have agreed to offset clauses after difference emerged related to it few months ago. Continue reading


Indian Air force has decided to upgrade 50 Remote helipads located at border areas with night flying capabilities which also involves procurement of helipad lighting systems which are capable of functioning at -40C at rigid mountainous conditions.

IAF will be also procuring NVG ( Night Vision Goggles ) for Ground and flight Crews in further support of night operations, According to information provided to helipad lighting systems to be procured can be used on temporary helipads in support of special military operations or in relief works. Continue reading


Learning from its mistake on the present supply chain of the LCA-Tejas Program which uses traditional approach of carrying out Sub-Assembles, Major Sub Assemblies, and System Integration all done by Lead Integrator. ADA has envisaged plans to use Modular Design construction for development and production of AMCA Programme.

According to ADA officials, AMCA will not follow LCA approach and instead will use many Public and Private sector companies to develop AMCA aircrafts. Continue reading


Pakistan Foreign office has confirmed what has been whispered for long by Pakistani establishments that it has developed low-yield tactical nukes just in case India decides to send in their Army to attack Pakistan in the case of another Mumbai-style attack ever happens on Indian Soil directly or indirectly backed by Pakistani Rogue Military or Intelligent establishments.

Pakistani military establishment believes that Tactical nukes along with Battlefield missiles like Nasr will allow Army Area commander to effectively neutralise advancing Numerically superior Indian Army thus preventing a full-scale war. Continue reading


Time and again US officials have repeatedly said that the United States and India are strategic Partners and how keen they are in Jointly developing Defence equipment to Strengthen Indian Military to counter the rise of China in Asia.

Other than usual Pep talks India and the United States have over the years have not initiated any major Joint weapons development nor have agreed to share Transfer of Technology on many key weapons systems which New Delhi had requested over the years. Continue reading


Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha in this recently held Press Conference indirectly confirmed that Airforce is no longer interested in MK-II Program and might walk away from the project and instead support India’s 5th Generation AMCA fighter aircraft program.

For long Defence Analyst had linked MK-II Program requirements to Indian Navy which wanted a Single-engined equipped Tejas to have higher thrust class of jet engine so that it could allow aircraft to carry a decent payload from an aircraft carrier at sea which IAF saw has an opportunity to demand better performance aircraft then in its current configuration. Continue reading


Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna

If you ever Visited Aero India in last decade or so there are high chances that you might have seen witnessed a sterling Tejas demonstration flight performed by this man . if you are lucky enough you might have also had brief opportunity to catch up with Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna who is also known has Mr. LCA by supporters of the LCA-Tejas program.

Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna is only Test Pilot who has been flying various Tejas Aircrafts for more than a decade now and officially joined ADA in 2001 was piloting Chase Mirage-2000 aircraft, when first LCA Prototype TD-1 made its first flight. Continue reading


last year Air Force chief Arup Raha had said that women are physically not suited to fly fighter planes, but more than a year later IAF Chief seems to have Change of Heart and Confirmed that IAF is actively considering women enter Cockpits of front line fighter jets in near future soon.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar also seems to have a change of heart on this matter now and is talking completely different from what he had earlier said this year on the floor of Parliament. Continue reading


Earlier this year on display at the HAL pavilion for the tenth edition of Aero India was cutaway model of a preliminary design of new 25kN jet engine which for the first time used a 3D printing equipment and its very first visitor was none other then Prime minister of India who was given detail explanation on development of the new engine .

HAL plans to develop most of the Components for the new engine and assembly of the engine in next two years and is all set to tap 3D printing technology to manufacture components for its Rs 458-crore 25-kN (kilonewton) aircraft engine project. Continue reading


Defence minister Manohar Parrikar seems to be unconvinced on the whole developmental funds asked by Russia to develop a Customised Pak-FA dubbed as FGFA by India Said Senior Air force Source close to

IAF pretty much have given up on developing a customised variant of Pak-fa like it did with Su-30MKI and pretty much has told MOD and DM that it is ready to pick up Production variant of Pak-Fa in its current avatar as procured by Russian Air force . Continue reading


Rafael earlier this year in Aero India 2015 for the first time Introduced I-Derby ER which is a new active radar-guided air-to-air missile capable of meeting current and future threats. in its previous report had informed its readers that Executive Vice President of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd Oron Oriol had confirmed that new I-Derby Extended Range (ER) BVRAAM has been offered to India for the next generation LCA Tejas at that point IAF and HAL had not disclosed development of Tejas MK-1A. Continue reading


While INS Viraat is still few months away from officially been decommissioned by Indian navy but things are not looking good for India’s Second aircraft carrier since no state has come forward in converting it into a Museum.

While Indian Navy and Ministry of defense officials having been in talks with various State Government, to whom ship has been offered at one 1 Re by Central Government, but many are wary of high repair cost which has been pegged at 300-400 crores to convert it into a Naval Tourist Museum . Continue reading


Cartoon drawn by Mohit Jayal which was published on December 1995 shows how Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Program even in its early days had more critics than supporters. 

As soon as Air Chief confirmed to the reporters that IAF indeed will place orders for more than 120 Tejas MK-1 aircrafts in its current configurations, One particular International news agency’s from its Indian bureau in Delhi fired the first salvo against Countries Tejas Program by ridiculing Air-forces decisions to order what they reported was a flawed aircraft and also Questioned logic behind not going for larger orders of French Rafale fighter jet .

Attack from International News Agencies on India’s LCA-Tejas Program seems to have ruffled some feathers in International Arms lobby group which seem to be worried about new-found love by IAF for Indigenous Aircraft types and its future plans which involves development and supporting indigenous types like Tejas MK-2 and AMCA to meet future needs of the air force. Continue reading


Previous Gen Tusker EW POD developed by DRDO for Mig-27 

Chief of Indian Air Force (IAF), Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha while addressing a press conference ahead on 82nd Air Force Day celebration had informed that MK1-A a new variant based on MK-1 Airframe will have 4 Key new requirements like New Radar (AESA), EW Suite, In-Flight Refueling (IFR) probes and New Beyond-visual-range missile air-to-air missile (BVRAAM).

According to a report prepared by prominent journalist Ajay Shukla advanced electronic warfare suite with inbuilt jammer might come only in a detachable Pod which is attachable to the under-wing of Tejas aircraft. Continue reading

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