Pakistan Air Force recently awarded its Pilots who were part of Operation Swift Retort in much-televised broadcast and even showcased a video of the precision-guided bomb which missed Indian Army base by only 80 meters since it is claimed by PAF that missing of the target was intentional to showcase its air force power and bombs were released from PAF’s F-16 and Mirage-III combat planes.

The video was cut of seconds before it hit the so-called indented target 80 meters of the base perimeter but Open-source intelligence (OSINT) twitter handle who goes by d-atis ??@detresfa_who has examined the video and has located the base and after careful examination of the satellite images of the base post airstrike impact point showed by PAF showed that the  vegetation near the base was intact suggesting that the bomb failed to denote.

Picture posted above the twitter handle shows that Data collected from the Pakistani air force presentation showing the impact point of the bomb and in the upper right in the cut in the picture added to the presentation of the same area shows full bushes and thick forest and trees in the area clearly suggesting that the bomb failed to explode .

IAF had reported that 11 glide bombs were dropped by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets during their attempts to attack Indian targets across the Line of Control (LoC) on February 27. While none of the 11 glide bombs meant for precision attacks landed anywhere close to the target, three of these did not even explode and it seems PAF presentation showed footage of the bomb which failed to explode which was lying for over a month near the base perimeter in near intact condition but was later disposed off jointly by IAF and Indian Army bomb disposal unit.


PAF fighters reportedly were armed with H4 and REK guided glide bombs . The H4 Stand-off Weapon (SOW) is of South African origin, where it is known as the Denel Raptor II but H4 is a 1200kg weapon with a 130km range weapon was developed in the early 1980s. H4 has a hyper-accurate CEP up to 3m in an asymmetric environment which many critics of the weapons system claim are bogus and H4 is considered among least accurate guidance weapon system with poor algorithms among it comparatives.

Indian media had reported that the closest bomb which got stuck and exploded on a huge tree near another base was 30 meters  and all other targets where bombs did explode were ranging from 30 to 3000 meters.

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