Pakistan’s role in fomenting terror in India and elsewhere is perhaps well-documented. But a new report says that over 80 per cent of surveyed convicted drug peddlers say that most narcotic drugs enter India illegally from Pakistan. A recent article in Eureporter has shed light on this. Eureporter is a Brussells based European multimedia news platform.

A survey was carried out involving 872 convicted drug peddlers. Majority of them (83.94 per cent) said that drugs were mainly trafficked illegally into India from Pakistan. This was followed by Nepal (5.05 per cent) and Afghanistan (4.24 per cent).

A recent report from South Asia Democratic Forum said that number of seizures of consignments containing drugs as well as ammunition indicated that activities of terror groups and drug peddlers had increased. This is particularly evident in Punjab.

In June 2019, customs officials in Amritsar seized a heroin cargo worth Rs 2700 crore. The drugs were intended to be trafficked to Kashmir.

Pakistani state uses drug trafficking as a way to raise money to fund terror activities. Narco-terrorism is an integral part of Pakistan’s state sponsorship of cross-border terrorism. These funds are then used to conduct asymmetric warfare in the region, mainly against India. This in turn is used to achieve certain foreign policy goals.