Year After End of 370 and 35A, People have lost count of the number of times Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan tweeted and talked about an imminent Indian false Flag attack in India to be blamed on Pakistan to start a full-scale war against Pakistan which has not happened in last one year of full-blown propaganda created specifically for International intervention in Kashmir.

Imran Khan continues rants for over a year about imminent Indian false Flag attack in India was not only royally ignored at the International levels but also harmed Pakistan’s ties with many Islamic countries who sensed that Pakistan’s claims of War like situation on borders and so-called massacre in Kashmir by Indian forces have turned out to be pure propaganda which doesn’t deserve unwanted attention as claimed by Pakistan.

Recent stiff with Saudi Arabia over the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) lack of Kashmir push only has exposed Imran Khan’s lack of vision for his own country and continued ill-planned Kashmir push which has failed to put pressure on India over Kashmir. New Political Map of Pakistan only shows the world that Talks with India and Pakistan over Kashmir will not result in any breaking of Ice due to Imran Khan’s novice like leadership and the growing unpopularity of this government which already is losing political space while being in power for less than 2 years.

Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s term has been extended last year for another three years by Prime Minister Imran Khan because of the regional security situation after India’s 370 and 35A move in Kashmir. Many Politicians from the Imran Khan government defended the move saying that war with India was imminent and might happen in the coming months which never came, other than the tense situation on the Line of control.

Lack of any major steps on Kashmir front has not only made Imran Khan look like a Class A Duffer but also showed limited abilities of the Pakistani establishment to do any major activities on the Indian side of Kashmir for which Bajwa had got a three-year extension. Pakistan’s continuous efforts to push for Diplomatic offense on India on Kashmir issue also shows that Bajwa and the establishment are in no position to wage a war with India over Kashmir, which has raised many questions in Pakistani Army ranks regards to who benefited by giving Bajwa a three-year extension, which stopped many promotions in ranks.

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