‘On-board oxygen generating system’ (OBOGS) developed by DEBEL, an organ of DRDO was recently handed over to DRDO after completing development work on the system and DEBEL is also has started to work on modified OBOGS to be fitted in another fighter aircrafts used by Indian Air force .

Sukhoi-30MKI, Mirgae-2000 and Mig-29 are aircrafts have been selected which will get crucial ‘integrated life support system’ (ILSS) system like OBOGS Ingeniously developed in India next.

ILSS-OBOGS addresses the need for preventing in-flight hypoxia ( Oxygen deprivation) G-force induced loss of Consciousness during high G manoeuvres.

Older systems used liquid oxygen (LOX) systems which needed to be stored and was seen as dangerous, costly, and inefficient. On-Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS) is the newer system, mostly replacing LOX. It taps high-pressure air off the engine(s) and concentrates the oxygen, delivering anywhere between 25-95% oxygen, mixed with clean, outside air (altitude dependent) and is considered safer that the LOX systems in high performance aircraft.

OBOGS offers unlimited endurance, unlike LOX systems which are limited by oxygen storage capability. OBOGS are seen effective and significantly lowers operational costs.

ILSS-OBOGS handed over will be Integrated with Tejas soon and ground trails of system will also start soon and after completing ground trails, flight clearance will be approved after few test.