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As per official information sourced from Annual report of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) compiled together by on India’s Ghatak UCAV project, Preliminary Air Staff Qualitative Requirements (PSQR) by Indian Air Force Head Quarters was finalised on 10th June 2016.

The government of India has sanctioned Rs.231.00 crores on 13th May 2016 to carry out “Design of GHATAK and Development of Critical Advanced Technologies for GHATAK and AMCA”. Major technologies to be developed under this lead-in project are broadly classified under five technology areas are defined below.

a) Model-Based Systems Engineering
(b) Autonomous flight control
(c) Aerodynamics and Propulsion
(d) Stealth computations,
measurements, structures &
(e) Technologies for GHATAK systems

Scale Models and RCS Reductions Trials

ADA plans to develop 1/6th scaled flight model of GHATAK, to test technologies like control law for flying wing, fluidic thrust vectoring and stealth materials.TRLs of critical advanced technologies like a conformal antenna, SAR, EO/IR, FADS to be tested and to be improved and adapted for GHATAK.

Full-scale GHATAK RCS model will also be developed to evaluate RCS hot spots and also to enable RCS reduction at ORANGE facility in Dundigal near Hyderabad.

The orange facility is an open (outdoor) configuration with a range that’s capable of addressing the requirements of a full-scale vehicle. The Pylon system is capable of lifting payloads up to 35 tonnes by a height of 10 meters above ground, necessary for aerial targets.

Power Plant

GTRE had submitted a draft CCS proposal for the development of a Dry engine for the GHATAK along with “In-principle” approval of GHATAK Program to ADA. After getting clearance from MoD and MoF, the draft was submitted by GTRE to the PMO.

Official Clearance Pending

At the moment no GHATAK aircraft program has been sanctioned to ADA and only funds for developing advanced Technologies have been sanctioned. Using these funds some of the critical technologies will be developed within the country through sponsored projects.

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