Indian Army’s Rs 60,000-crore FICV project will get new entry after Ordnance Factory Medak introduced a New ICV for Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) project. According to OFB, New FICV is designed and developed by OFB Medak which has already gone through internal developmental trials including weapons trials of its main gun along with ATGM firing.

New FICV comes with Gun control system with a thermal imager fire control system with an advanced gunner and commander sights and comes with NATO STANAG Level 4 protection against Heavy Machine Gunfire at sides and enhanced mobility enables speeds of 80km per hour.

New FICV which is now equipped with a hydro jet propeller system enables it to travel at 10km per hour at static water. The modern suspension system allows fire on the go.  OFB Medak in the past had developed Abhay IFV which was based on Soviet-era BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicle but didn’t find much favor with the Indian Army.


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