After showcasing a Dhanush based 155mm/52-caliber Mounted Gun System at the ongoing DefeExpo 2018, OFB officials have confirmed that there are also developing a Mounted Gun System based on 155mm/45-caliber which too will be offered to Indian Army for trails.

155mm/52-caliber MGS already has cleared Internal trails and according to OFB officials will be sent to Army trials soon. Dhanush based 155mm/52-caliber Mounted Gun System mounted on Tatra Truck can also be mounted on 6×6 or 8 x 8 Super Stallion chassis from Ashok Leyland if asked by customer said the same officials.

MoD a few years back cleared the Indian Army’s proposal to tender for 814 truck-mounted self-propelled 155mm gun systems at a cost of approximately Rs. 15,000 crore. The procurement, officially titled Mounted Gun System (MGS) and part of the Field Artillery Rationalisation Plan (FARP).

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