IAF JAGUAR AIRCRAFT PARKED NEAR A F125 engine

After securing several retired Jaguar airframes to be used as spares from friendly countries recently to prolong their service life beyond 2034, Indian air force is now fast-tracking the purchase of F-125IN engines from Honeywell to be equipped on 80 odd DARIN-III upgraded Jaguar aircraft to enhance their operational capabilities.

IAF has decided to procure 200 F-125IN engines in a direct deal with Honeywell by end of this year so that supply can begin in next three years once the deal is concluded. 160 of this engine will be used on 80 DARIN-III upgraded Jaguar aircraft while 40 will be used as reserve engines.

Each F-125IN engines will cost India around $5 million per piece and IAF has decided not to engage service of the Honeywell to save money on installation charges instead will use services of HAL and IAF Engineers to carry out engine upgradation locally.

According to Honeywell, F125IN is a designed to be drop-fit into existing Indian Air Force Jaguar airframes and has an advanced dual full-authority digital engine control (FADEC) system, modular construction, integrated engine health monitoring system and best in the class thrust-to-weight ratio.

Each F125IN engines can generate 43.8kN Thrust with an afterburner which is 11.3 Wet Thrust more than what currently installed Rolls-Royce Adour Mk821 engine was producing. F125IN is also 272kgs lighter than Adour Mk821 engines which will enable 25-percent-shorter hot-and-high takeoffs. Current Jaguar fleet suffers from longer takeoffs in Hot Humid conditions due to underpowered engines and after recent systems upgrades, the condition only has worsened due to aircraft gaining more weight.

With engines upgrades, Jaguar fleet will be to perform missions never before possible with its current engine and will also be a shift to a modern, reliable and safe propulsion system that will transform the capabilities, performance, and safety of the aircraft in combat.


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