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Father of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Abdul Qadir Khan has said that North Korea’s technology is far superior to Pakistan’s nuke-tech. He, however, said that Islamabad didn’t assist Pyongyang in its nuclear weapon’s program.

In an interview with BBC, Khan said that North Korea had highly qualified scientists, most of whom studied in Russia. He said that he had been to North Korea twice in connection with missile programmes and he found that technology there was far superior to Pakistan. He also said that North Korea will always get support from China and Russia. He gave instances of the Vietnam war in the 70s.

When AQ Khan was asked about Pakistan’s role in the hydrogen test, he said: “It’s out of the question. They have much better overall technology than ours. We have the same old and conventional technology.”

North Korea has tested its sixth nuclear test– this time, a Hydrogen bomb that is more devastating. North Korea’s sixth test was the most powerful– it caused an earth quake with magnitude 6.3 on Richter scale. The blast yielded 50 kilotonnes. India, South Korea, China, and the United States have condemned the test.

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