Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Sanjay Raut in Rajya Sabha informed Parliamentarians that There are no quality gaps in the systems developed by DRDO and evaluated by the Services.

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is primarily involved in design and development of strategic, complex and security sensitive systems in the fields of missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, radars, electronic warfare systems, sonars, combat vehicles, combat aircraft, sensors, etc for the Armed Forces as per their specific Qualitative Requirements.

Systems developed are evaluated by the Users and productions are done mostly through Ordnance Factory Board and Defence Public Sector Undertakings. Specifications of the systems are drawn from the technical, functional and operational requirements given by the Users. Extensive Quality Assurance / Quality Control practices are followed right from the design stage under arrangements of Director General Quality Assurance to bring out reliable products. Systems developed are evaluated thoroughly to meet all the technical and quality requirements and demonstrated in the User Trials. Transfer of Technology is given to production agencies with relevant documentation for smooth production.


• Aerostat Platform
· Airborne Surveillance System
· Anti-Terrorist Vehicle
· Active Heating Element with Arctic Gloves
· Arjun Catapult Gun
· Armoured Amphibious Dozer
· Arrester Barrier System
· Artificial Intelligence
· assorted Ammunition
· Bio-digesters
· Bridging Systems
· Carbon Nano Tubes
· Carrier Command Post Vehicle TRACKED
· Commander for TI’s T-72 (Mk-II)
· Communication Security Solutions
· compo-Pack Foods
· Cryptanalytical Tools
· Cyber ??Security Systems
· Data Link Technologies
· Decision Support System
· Digital Signal Processing
· Divya Drishti
· Electronic Support Measures Systems
· Electronic Warfare Systems
· Electro-Optical Fire Control System
· Field Shelters for NBC
· Fire detection & Suppression System
· Fire Retardant Paints
· First Aid Kits Type A & B
· Flight Rotary Engine
· Food Supplements
· Grenades
· Handheld and Airborne Radios
· Heavy Dropping System
· Helmet Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera
· Herbal anti-Leucoderma and anti-eczema Herbal Medicines
· High-Temperature Titanium Alloy
· Hydro Gas Suspension System
· Hyperbaric Chamber
· Infantry Foot Floating Bridge
· Information Security Gateway
· Integrated Multifunction Sight
· for UAV Landing Gears
· Landslide Information System
· Laser Dazzler
· Laser Warning System
· Life Support Systems
· Light Weight Portable Laser Target Designator
· Low-Alloy Steel
· Main Battle Tank (MBT) Arjun (Mk-II)
· Metal Matrix Composites
· Mines
· Missiles
· Mountain Foot Bridge
· NBC Water Purification System
· Network Management System
· Night Vision Gap Measuring Device
· Onboard Oxygen Generating System
· Operational Avalanche Forecasting
· Parachute Systems
· Portable Telemedicine System
· Protective Clothing
· Radar Warning System
· Radars
· Radiation Medicine
· Recovery and Flotation Systems
· Remotely Operated Vehicle
· Risk & Hazard Assessment Software
· Roentgenometer
· Satcom Terminals
· Sensor and Detectors
· Shock ABSORBING Materials
· Silicon Carbide Related Technologies
· Simulator
· Snow Cover Information System
· Propellants
· sonars
· Synthetic Life Jacket
· Target Acquisition System
· Three Dimensional Tactical Control Radar
· Torpedoes
· Underwater Paints
· Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
· Unmanned Ground Vehicle
· Vacuum Investment Casting Technology
· War Game Software
· Water Testing Kit