Recovered Nirbhay Cruise Missile which had plunged into the sea in recent missile trial, has helped Program Team to identify the snag which happened 8 minutes into the flight and has been tagged as a minor one, coming as a major relief to the Top Management of the DRDO, which has seen multiple missile system trials amid a standoff with Chinese forces in the LAC.

Nirbhay for the first time was fitted with the indigenously developed, Small Turbo Fan Engine (STFE) propulsion system developed by the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) and it was reported earlier, that it was STFE which had developed a Snag, but it has been now told, that it was the booster snag prevented clean separation due to which the missile plunged into the sea.

Nirbhay Program Team will be going for another missile trial in the next 2-3 months and if allowed it might be preponed and a fresh trial can be carried out, in 4-6 weeks if DRDO Management is satisfied with the report filed by the Program Team. 2-3 more trials have been planned to demonstrate repeated success before the missile is cleared for production.

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