With 20000 Confirmed cases of Chinese virus and over 450 deaths, Niazi continues to justify his so-called ” Smart Lockdown ” after being under fire from all quarters for refusing to put the country in complete lockdown as the Chinese virus spreads. In a new low for selected Prime minister of Pakistan, who continues his obsession with Modi has now taken it to a new level by dragging his name in a pandemic situation in his country and his lack of action in his own country.

PM Imran, while addressing a conference at COMSTECH Institute, said that the Indian prime minister didn’t even think of the poor masses while announcing the lockdown. “Narendra Modi turned out to be a coward who shut down the whole country because of the pandemic,” the selected said.

While Political analysts and Pakistani media anchors were not so happy with Niazi’s comments for dragging Modi’s name and appreciate lockdown carried out in India as chinese virus continues to rise in Pakistan. Pakistani doctor speaking to the media has confirmed that nearly all hospitals in Karachi and Punjab are over 60% of their capacity and if the Chinese virus continues to spread then the hospitals will be overwhelmed said the doctor to the media.


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