SOURCE: Express News Service

The Chinese have raised frequency of movements of people close to the Line of Actual Control along the Arunachal Pradesh in the Eastern Sector and the focus is on the areas close to the passes.

The people seen moving in these areas are civilians but in military uniforms. This development is in continuation to the movements seen in Ladakh and specifically towards Demchok. A source told, “The frequency of recce surveillance of passes along the Line of Actual Control opposite Manigong sub-sector, Siyom sector and Western RALP (Rest of Arunachal Pradesh) by employing civilians has increased.”

The important state of Arunachal Pradesh is divided into Kameng Sector including the Tawang, Bum La and Tenga and east of it is the RALP. Talking about the methodology of these Chinese moving along the borders sources said they have been told to wear uniforms.

“The civilians have been directed to wear disruption pattern combination uniform to resemble with the People’s Liberation Army or the Border Defence Regiment troops.”

Border Defence Regiments of China are mandated for border management and are supported by PLA from the rear. PLA have been sending such teams in Ladakh also.

“Current input corroborates the previous input wherein PLA was reportedly employing civilians for recce of forwards positions of Indian Army opposite Demchok in Ladakh.” said the source and added the teams are rotated in one week.

Maj Gen SB Asthana (Retd), Defence Analyst said, “This sector is sensitive and aims of such movements could be to collect ground information, report back weak links and also try to pick people who could be compromised.”

We should be cautious of these possibilities, should take appropriate measures, said Maj Gen Asthana. There is protracted tension along the Eastern Ladakh and more than 40,000 troops of Indian Army and the Chinese PLA positioned in standoff position since the first week of May.

Till now there have been multiple diplomatic and military meetings apart from the Defence and Foreign Ministers of India and China meeting to resolve the matter.

But, both sides have made all preparations to remain deployed even during the chilling winters of Ladakh where most of the areas are above 14,000feet above mean sea level.

“PLA has set up container based housing modules at forward locations opposite Eastern Ladakh. The Housing modules are aimed at maintaining deployment of troops throughout the winters.”