RudraM-III is the name given for the upcoming precision-guided operational-tactical air-launched cruise missile which DRDO is developing and was spotted for the first time when Scale model of Tejas Mk2 aka Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) was revealed last year at Aero India 2019. The angular stealth missile showcased was then nameless and many wondered if it was just showcased to highlight wide weapons payload arsenal capacity of the upcoming Tejas Mk2 fighter jet.

But can now confirm that the missile is called RudraM-III which was approved in 2018 and RudraM-II in 2016 at the cost of 489.06 Cr. RudraM are family of Tactical Air to Surface Missile in development for needs of next-generation aircraft. The unusual-looking angular square section of RudraM-III is designed to be low-observable when in flight and difficult to be engaged by Air Defence Systems.

RudraM Family consists of RudraM-I, RudraM-II, RudraM-IIA, and RudraM-III which are all based on the same sub-sonic air-launched cruise missile technology which is under development with different function for ground attack role. While most of the RudraM family will have traditional radome with circular air frame structure, only RudraM-III will have a Stealthy Angular air frame.

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