Nepal’s principal opposition party, the Nepali Congress, has slammed the KP Sharma Oli government for making comments over the issue of land encroachment by China before the officials were sent to the claimed site and file a field report.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the opposition criticized the government for not waiting for the field report from the concerned Chief District Officer of Humla who had been to the site for three days.

“Before the field report about whether there has been an encroachment (by the Chinese) or not, the announcement was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that “there has been no encroachment by China,” Nepali Congress said.

Congress also criticised the government for not having the patience to study whether the land has been really encroached or not after finding an 11 number pillar which plays a crucial role in determining the border.

“New structures built by China can only be verified after studying whether it falls inside or outside the marking set by pillar no. 12 by a team which is present in the field. The government didn’t look into it before making an announcement,” the Opposition added.

Chinese enroachment say locals, Nepal govt denies

Chief District Officer Chiranjibi Giri has toured the area earlier on Wednesday where he was sent back by Chinese forces claiming it to be their land and buildings were constructed on their land. The Chinese side has built buildings at a distance of around one kilometer from the border in the Lapcha Limi area of the Humla District, which also has been mentioned by Nepal’s Foreign Minister. The area which has been claimed to be of Nepal by locals, claimed simultaneously by China is also said to offer a view of Kailash Mansarovar which lies in the Tiber Autonomous Region.

Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday evening had denied reports of land encroachment by China in the Humla district of Nepal in contrary to claims made by locals of the district.

“The Department of Survey, Government of Nepal, based on the official records, reports of the joint field inspection and boundary maps, has verified and confirmed that the said buildings are not located within the Nepali territory,” MoFA said in the release where it has mentioned its attention has been drawn over the issue.

The release from the Ministry further claimed that the same sort of issue was raised in 2016 which turned down the earlier claims.
Local media, since last week, carried reports of land encroachment by China by illegally constructing 9 buildings in the LapchaBagar area of Nepal’s Humla District which is only accessible by airways.