Maritime surveillance and patrol variants of Do-228 modified by HAL to cater for a host of equipment demanded by the navy including surveillance radar, FLIR (forward looking infrared), ESM (electronic support measures), satellite communications,and data links are proving to be economical,reliable and highly effective in maritime reconnaissance role in Indian ocean .

Equipped with Elta’s EL/M 2022 V3 multimode radar, a retractable Elop CoMPASS electro-optical (EO) pod, ESM suite, tactical data links, Trigun AIS and SATCOM makes aircraft highly sophisticated avionics suites available to India navy .

Dornier’s are equipped with Elta’s EL/M 2022 V3 multimode search radar in a dark underbelly radome just ahead of the main wheels, the same radar is also currently incorporated in Naval Tu-142M, But Dornier’s bring in high availability in operational duties and economic which is turning out to be crucial aircraft for maritime reconnaissance role for Indian Navy without compromising on efficiency of  reconnaissance.

Navy last year happy with performance of the aircrafts and its ESM suite has placed orders for 12 more Dornier Do-228 maritime surveillance and patrol aircraft (MSA) with HAL last year .