The latest Tender documents issued by India’s Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has asked for Expression of Interest to Vendors who can Design, Test, and Supply 2 Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) full mission simulators, which thereby revealed the final cockpit configuration for the upcoming Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) also still called Internally as Tejas Mk2.

MWF-MK2 will be equipped with a high-definition touchscreen Measuring 50x20cm (20x8in) Wide Area Display (WAD) that will allow a redundant and intelligent presentation of information across its entire length, with the capacity to receive inputs from multitask keys, the touchscreen or external interfaces. Using data fusion, it provides the pilot with the information needed and is the main source of flight and mission information in the cockpit.

According to 2014 based E-Tender For, the Original plan was to used 2 Multi-Function Displays of size 6x8in and one of 5x5in for the Tejas Mk-2 program but now it seems it has been abandoned. Present LCA-Tejas MK-1 has 3 MFDs in 5x5in along with 2 Smart Standby Display Units (SSDU).

Wide Area Display (WAD) is considered as a great step forward in the cockpit display technology with significant operational capability advantages to meet the demands of existing and future threats and also handle high volumes of data, supporting the pilot’s ability to select, launch and guide weapons in perfect coordination. speculation is also that MWF-Mk2 will feature side stick controller like Dassault Rafale and F-35 Lightning II which will help reduce cockpit clutter and won’t directly block critical instruments from the pilot’s view.

HAL’s Supersonic Trainer Aircraft ‘SPORT’ Cockpit will also feature WAD


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