The indigenous Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) designed and developed by state-owned aerospace and defense company, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to replace the aging Kiran aircraft fleet of the IAF has commenced spin flight testing in Bengaluru. The spin testing of an aircraft is the most crucial phase of its flight testing.

LSP-04 did one turn spins to the left and right today, piloted by HAL’s Group Captain (R) Harsh Vardhan Thakur and Wg Cdr (R) Pratyush Awasthi, but the testing would be gradually progressed to assess the behavior of the aircraft till six turn spin to either side is completed to meet the target requirements.

For the spin test, HAL redesigned the aircraft by moving the vertical tail aft and extending the rudder surface. These changes for ensuring a satisfactory spin behavior required an extensive redesign of the rear fuselage and the rudder.

The changes have been incorporated into two aircraft with the involvement and clearance from certification agencies at every stage. Postmodification, the two aircraft underwent significant flight tests to assess the general handling with the new configuration of fin and rudder.

These aircraft have now been incorporated with the necessary safety devices (Anti-Spin Parachute Systems). During the first flight, initially, the aircraft was taken through one turn spin to the left and right-hand sides to test the spin characteristics.

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