Mistral ATAM ( Air-to-Air Mistral) are currently being integrated into HAL’s Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) and are on schedule confirmed MBDA spokesman to Flightglobal. Mistral ATAM already has been integrated into Dhruv Mk IV Weapon System Integrated (WSI) and also has been test fired from Dhruv Mk IV successfully.

MISTRAL ATAM is currently the only helicopter mounted air-to-air missile in full operational service and is based on the MISTRAL missile with its fire-and-forget engagement mode, ease of operation and unrivalled kill probability.

The system is based on two launchers, each bearing two missiles and can be connected to the helicopter’s combat system when mounted on combat helicopters, or through simplified control equipment if installed on multi-purpose helicopters.

MISTRAL ATAM is operated by the French Army Aviation on the Gazelle and is also in service on the Tiger attack helicopter.

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