At the ongoing MAKS-2021 air show in Moscow, Russia’s Mig Corporation showcased a scale model of the Advanced ship-borne multirole fighter concept that is on offer to the Russian Navy to replace its present deck-based Mig-29K fighter jets on the next supercarrier under project Project 23000E designed by the Krylov State Research Center for the Russian Navy and people were amazed at the design similarities with India’s Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) that is under development for India’s deck-based fighter jet requirements.

Migs canard delta wing, twin-engine, Advanced ship-borne multirole fighter concept also highlights its two internal weapons bays with four weapons stations. TEDBF with a frontal section that is geometrically optimized for the reduced radar cross-section and pretty clean design has the potential to be classified as 5 Minus fighter jet and a few months back I had written how the inclusion of the Internal weapons bay (IWB) on the TEDBF design in future variants was very much doable and should be pursued.

(Can TEDBF Block-2 variant incorporate Stealth and Internal Weapons Bay? )

South Korea’s prototype of the next-generation KF-21 Boramae fighter jet program that was unveiled few weeks ago also has been confirmed that in the first Block-1 it won’t have an internal weapons bay (IWB) but will come on the Block-II variant that will feature not only feature Internal weapons bay (IWB) but also additional stealth technology that confirms that the same design can be adapted if planned way before it goes into production and same can be done to the TEDBF program if the designers of the aircraft factor this for later addition.

DRDO’s associate lab in Pune already has demonstrated an Internal weapons bay (IWB) design for the AMCA program and a working model of the same already has been tested its Serrated edges of IWB for low RCS measurement during weapons release and working two-piece folding door mechanism that can store 4 hardpoints in a stealth configuration also has been demonstrated in the lab. TEDBF being a deck based fighter jet it also has a role to play as a main air defense platform to the whole carrier battle group against hostile aircraft in the vicinity and inclusion of the stealth and the Internal weapons bay (IWB) for the next generation battle over the sea or near the coastline will become crucial as China is planning to induct its deck-based stealth fighter at the time TEDBF goes into developmental trials.

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