Alone upgraded Mig-21Bis was on Static display at the recently concluded Aero India 2019 which was visited by millions of the Indians, little than many knew that the same exact Mig-21Bis will make History just a few days later when it shot downed first F-16 over Line of control before it was to shot downed in the massive dogfight which took place that day.

Interesting information is that the Mig-21Bis was flown by none other than Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman belonging to the No.51 Squadron “Sword Arms” to the Aero India 2019 first then later it was posted to Srinagar airbase after the conclusion of the event in Bangalore.

Two Mig-21Bis belonging to No.51 Squadron “Sword Arms” were performing Combat Air Patrols (CAP) when three PAF F-16 breached Line of control (LOC) and it was quickly rerouted to chase the invading F-16s. As per information provided by IAF, Six more mix fighter jets of Mirage-2000 and Sukhoi-30MKI also took off to challenge nearly 21 PAF fighter jets which were flying close to LOC. JF-17 and Mirage-III/V were other jets in the vicinity but didn’t breach the LOC.

F-16B which is a Trainer variant was chased by Wing Commander Abhinandan and his wing-man who narrowly also missed a Within Visual Range (WVR) missile fired by a retreating F-16s but Abhinandan fired a Russian R-73 WVR missile which hit F-16B before it was shot down allegedly by a PL-12 WVR Missile fired from a non-participating JF-17 fighter jet from a distance.


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