Medium Combat Fighter (MCW) is what India will be calling its new fighter which is likely to be developed by India after it completes development of LCA-Tejas. MCW which also goes as Tejas MK-2, make no mistake is not an upgraded variant based on LCA-Tejas but is a full 4 tonnes heavier aircraft which will come with increased range and weapons carrying capacity.

A final design is likely to be frozen by end of this year and most likely a scale model will be showcased at the next year’s Aero India 2019 to be held in the month of February in Bangalore. Previous designs and scale models floating around of the Tejas MK-2 are more or less have been discarded since several radical changes were approved only last few years ago, with new features and new design inputs aircraft is official to be called Medium Combat Fighter (MCW) and as per rumors to keep its distant identity will also get a different name and unlikely will be ever called Tejas MK-2 when it enters production .

Medium Combat Fighter (MCW) will follow Public-Private model and most of the fuselage and other subsystems will be produced in India by Private companies under the supervision of the State-owned companies which will be tasked to do development, testing and final integration of the production aircraft while focus remaining to reduce developmental time frame.

MCW will get best of the technology which already have been developed for the LCA-Tejas program and will also borrow heavily from India’s 5th Generation Stealth AMCA fighter jet program to remain technological relevant in an era of Stealth fighters. MCW Project itself is a pathbreaking aerospace program in India and soon will also gather global attention to it which will only solidify further the base which was created in India with the development of LCA-Tejas in India.

Confirm orders of 201 units of MCW from Indian Air Force will attract many Private sector companies in India which were largely chasing Multi-International companies for local tie up to locally manufacture foreign jets in India. Private sector participation has been slow in major aerospace projects in India due to the reculant approach of the customers who are not forward coming with their order requirement.

Letter of intent for 83 Tejas MK1A was the first shot and Letter of intent for 201 units of MCW will come as the boost to Indian Aerospace sector since now the Private sector aerospace companies will start taking this projects more seriously now and calls for participation will be answered more rigorously than in the past.

10-year production run and over 30-40 years of local support and maintenance contracts worth billions will attract best of the companies which from nothing today and chart out paths for becoming next big names in aerospace companies in the world. MCW and AMCA will achieve what LCA-Tejas program couldn’t achieve a solid base for Aerospace sector in India.


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