The Two Prototypes of the light-utility helicopter (LUH), produced by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited have been ferried to northern Ladakh to carrying out final rounds of High altitude Trials which are monitored by Indian Army officials before the Helicopter is cleared for production and is granted Final operational clearance (FOC) by early next year said sources close to and was also confirmed by a report on

Light-utility helicopter (LUH) has been flying sorties from Daulat Baig Oldie (DBO) which is at an altitude of 16,890 feet and also to Siachen glacier is at 18,875 ft in Normal Operational Sortie configuration in a show of capability demonstration to the Indian Army as requested by them.

Indian Army wants LUH to be ‘Siachen worthy’ so that it operates from the highest battleground on earth. Indian Army plans to procure 126 copters and the IAF 61 single-engine, lightweight, agile 3t utility helicopter from HAL once it achieves its FOC stated for early next year.

LUH feet will replace the obsolescent fleet of Chetak and Cheetah helicopters which are based on the 1950s-designed Aérospatiale Alouette III and Alouette Aérospatiale 315B Lama of France. LUH will be deployed for reconnaissance and surveillance roles and as a light transport helicopter and will supplement 5.5-tonne ALH-Dhruv, a twin-engine copter already inducted into the forces.

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