Wind Blast Test on Lightweight Integrated Aircrew Helmet and Pressure Breathing Oxygen Mask for Pilots designed to primarily incorporate Helmet Mounted Display and Sight (HMDS) as per IAF requirement was subjected to open jet wind blast test at 600 KEAS at DGA, CEAT, France and was tested in eight different profiles and it has successfully withstood all the tests thereby proving the integrity of Helmet-Mask assembly during ejection.

The integrated helmet with internally retractable dual polycarbonate visor system (with EMI/EMC complied pre-amplifier meeting RS-03 test) and pressure breathing oxygen mask has been developed by Defence Bio-Engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bengaluru, against specific QRs issued by Indian Air Force.

Lightweight Integrated Aircrew Helmet with EMI/EMC complied pre-amplifier has been developed for for Su-30, BISON, MiG 29 and Mirage aircraft.


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