Those who were questioning about the size of two lifts that are installed on the INS Vikrant, here are some answers officially given out by the Indian Navy that they are big enough to fit the Mig 29K and can even accommodate Rafale M that has unfold able wings if required even though Indian Navy is backing the development of locally made TEDBF (Twin Engine deck Based Fighter) program that already has similar footprints to the existing Mig-29K.

Aircraft lifts are largely used to bring a fighter jet from the hanger to the flight deck that is three stories below for regular maintenance of the jets when it faces any technical issues and the size of the lift are usually designed and planned thinking ahead of all future assets including Unmanned combat Aircraft that Navy plans to deploy next. has been told that the TEDBF will also not have issues even operating from the Russian-built INS Vikramaditya that was planned to be used only with the Russian made Mig-29K. Indian Navy plans to phase out Mig-29K from 2035 onwards that will be gradually replaced with the Indian-made TEDBF by 2040.

While the Navy has not provided official dimensions of the lift but it is estimated it is around 16.5 x 11.20m with the width of the lift being the most crucial aspect that seems to be perfect for almost all deck-based fighters the only exception could be Su-33 that has a length of 21.2m.

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