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The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) – Tejas SP-8 (LA-5008)  completed its maiden flight after taking off at 15.42hrs from HAL Airport in Bengaluru on 13 March 2018 piloted by Gp. Capt. KK Venugopal (Retd) . SP-8 flew for 33 mins and landed back at 16.15hrs .

The LCA Tejas SP-8 will be the Eighth member of the No.45 Squadron of the Indian Air Force also called the ‘Flying Daggers’. The LCA Tejas SP-8 will be handed over to  ‘Flying Daggers’ after completing few production sorties soon.

SP-8 was Second aircraft which came from second production line ,which can manufacture 3 aircrafts per year . first aircraft from second production line was LCA Tejas SP-5 which Completed its maiden flight on 9th Feb 2018 and was last aircraft to join ‘Flying Daggers’ and with SP-8 , HAL has delivered 4 Serial production aircrafts till now for FY 2017-18 .

According to latest media reports, aircrafts till SP-12 are already in Assembly rig and in HAL is trying to squeeze in first flight of SP-9 by end of this fiscal year and make it 5 aircrafts for FY 2017-18 but still falling short by one aircraft .

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