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The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) – Tejas SP-1 (LA-5013 ) completed its maiden flight after taking off from HAL Airport in Bangalore on 30-January-2019 piloted by Gp Capt K K Venugopal (Retd). SP-13 flew for 34 mins and landed back safely.

The LCA Tejas SP-13 is thirteen  Series Production aircraft. Last aircraft SP-14 had completed its first flight on 20-January-2019 Successfully. SP-13 which is assembled at the second LCA-Tejas production line was delayed due to which it was superseded by SP-14 by few days last month.

SP-13 after few initial production testing sorties will be handed over to No.45 Squadron of the Indian Air Force also called the ‘Flying Daggers’ by end of next month.Next in line are SP-15 and SP-16 which HAL has promised will be delivered by end of March. Last month SP-12 was handed over to No.45 Squadron.

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