LCA-Tejas Programme is just two flights away from accomplishing 4000 Accident-free test flights in its 17 years long developmental and testing program accomplished with 16 Technology Demonstrator, Prototypes and Limited Series Production aircraft which have been associated with the program from 2001 when first LCA TD-1 made its first flight.

16 Aircraft have helped LCA-Tejas Programme inch closer to the Final Operational Clearance (FOC) which will happen by end of July this year as per media reports. It is also quite an achievement that program never suffered any major accident or any crash.

Series Production (SP) aircraft SP-1 to SP-8 are not part of the LCA-Tejas flight test programme but are part of 1st Squadron of the Indian Air Force and all sorties carried out by the LCA-Tejas Squadron are not included in the developmental and testing sorties mentioned above.

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