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A few days back, one of the LCA-Tejas aircraft took flight after been grounded for nearly 6 months, aircraft in question is LCA-Tejas LSP-7 (KH-2017). LSP-7 Since early this year has been going through Integration of all important GSH-23 twin-barreled 23 mm autocannon developed by the Soviet Union manufactured in India by Ordnance Factories Board.

GSH-23 autocannon Gun flight firing trials which will start soon is an important part of certification which is needed for grant of Final Operation clearance (FOC). Double-barreled aircraft gun had cleared all Ground-based weapons trials on board LCA Tejas PV-3 aircraft nearly two years back.

But Final integration and clearance of GSH-23 autocannon Gun were kept pending to be included in the last leg of weapons trials which are likely to be carried out in next few days.

LCA-Tejas already has fired Derby-BVRAAM recently and has to clear GSH-23 autocannon Gun flight firing trials and Python-V Close Combat Air to Air Missile trials before all Weapons trials of LCA-Tejas can be declared complete.

Industrial sources close to idrw.rg also confirmed that LSP-7 also has cleared Ground-based GSH-23 autocannon Gun firing trials and flight based gun trials will be demonstrated in next few days.

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