After Hectic round of trials with Arrestor Hooks and software upgraded, Pilot controlled Leading Edge Vortex Controller (LEVCON) system, LCA-Navy NP-1 is all set to head back to the Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) facility commissioned into the Indian Navy at INS Hansa in Goa what could be the last round of trials before it is cleared for Aircraft carrier trials from INS Vikramaditya.

NP-1 will demonstrate landing with use of Arrestor hook at SBTF before it can be cleared for Aircraft carrier trials said reliable industrial sources close to all flights trails of the new Arrestor hook have been successfully and LEVCONS which is a small extension to an aircraft wing surface will now improve the airflow at high angles of attack and low air-speeds.

Indian Navy is watching these trials carefully and if LCA-Navy Technology Demonstrator aircraft successfully completes Aircraft carrier trials ,then it will come as a major boost to the Navy-Mk-2 program which will succeed LCA-Navy program. ADA and DRDO recently showcased new and improved Navy-Mk-2 carrier-based fighter jet which now comes with various design changes and improvements after collecting Data and input feedback from LCA-Navy program and now borderlines into Medium Class fighter category due to Maximum Take Of Weight (MTOW) being now has been bumped up to 17 tonnes from previous 13.5 tonnes and is now powered by a higher-thrust GE-F414IN engine generating 99kN of Wet Thrust,which allows it to carry more weapons and onboard fuel.


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