LCA-AF Mk2 Weapons Package configuration shown in an official ADA brochure shows its proposed weapons package that is under consideration and likely to be cleared for the fleet when the aircraft is ready for weapon testing from the Third Prototype onwards. Infographic showcased above shows some of the weapons that we all knew will be part of the LCA-AF Mk2 Weapons Package, but it does show some unexpected weapons that we will like to discuss.

Meteor next-generation BVR air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) and the Mica short-medium range BVR air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) seems to be a surprise addition to the weapons package. Another surprising addition is the Podded gun in the underbelly hinting at LCA-AF Mk2 getting rid of its Internal gun system.

LCA-AF Mk2 Weapons Package configuration for the first time confirms the development of Rudram-2 and Rudram-3 indigenously developed air-to-surface missile in development by the DRDO. Rudram-1, an indigenously developed anti-radiation missile with a range of 200km already has been tested from Sukhoi-30MKI and is also part of the Weapons Package configuration and its expected that Rudram-2 and Rudram-3 will be much longer versions of the missile with higher warheads.

Astra Mk1, ASRAAM, Spice family, SAAW, glide bombs, and other weapons already part of the IAF arsenal will be cleared for the LCA-AF Mk2 fleet also.

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