India and the UK vowed to expand bilateral defense cooperation, including through technology collaboration in developing combat aircraft and complex weapons, during a virtual summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart Boris Johnson. India-UK ties mentioned broadening dialogue on “combat air collaboration to determine how the UK can support India’s ambitions for their light combat air MK2 program.

No specific details were given on what kind of collaboration has been planned, leading to speculation of India collaborating on the integration of Ej-200 engines for the LCA-AF Mk2 but has been informed that it is not the case and collaboration has been discussed on the integration of a European weapons system that will be carried out by the UK for the LCA-AF Mk2 program

ASRAAM Close Combat Missile, Mica AAMs, Storm Shadow Air-Launched Cruise missile, Meteor VL-AAM are some of the European weapons that are planned to be integrated into the LCA-AF Mk2 program as seen in the lastest weapon configuration and MBDA UK has offered to be lead integrator in the program. India and UK are also exploring options of other weapons platforms for the LCA-AF Mk2 program.

DRDO Chief already has confirmed that LCA-AF Mk2 will start getting high thrust class engine that is meant for the AMCA program when they are due for Mid-Life Upgrade that usually happens 7-8 years down the line.

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