Aeronautical Development Agency and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) have decided to stick with tried and tested Mk.16 IN16G zero/zero ejection seat made by British company Martin-Baker for the upcoming LCA AF-Mk2 aircraft. IN16G Ejection seats are also used on India’s LCA-Tejas Mk1 for which the company has received orders for 51 units and orders for 93 more seats are in the pipeline for the Tejas Mk1A fleet.

Martin-Baker had offered its upgraded Mk18 seats for the LCA AF-Mk2, AMCA, and TEDBF program but ADA-HAL decided to stick with the Mk.16 IN16G seats. Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) and the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) along with Martin-Baker have worked together to perfect the Canopy Severance System (CSS) for the fastest ejection system that was certified in seat ejection trials at London.

Martin-Baker is expecting a formal contract with HAL by end of this year for fresh orders of 93 ejection seats that will be used on the 83 Tejas Mk1A that was recently ordered by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

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