State-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the first time will be displaying a Kaveri Dry engine Prototype at the upcoming Aero India 2021. Kaveri Dry engine is a Kaveri engine derivative without the afterburner section that was developed for India’s Unmanned Stealth Combat Aircraft program but informed sources close to have said that much more work has been gone into engine technology to make it to acceptable levels to be used on a stealth platform especially its gas turbine blades.

Kaveri Dry Engine will have a dry thrust of 11,700lb (52kN) has completed initial ground testing of the first pre-prototype of the same last year and a Fluidic Thrust Vectoring exhaust nozzle to be used for the Unmanned Stealth Combat Aircraft program has been developed.

DRDO plans to test a Technology Demonstrator called Stealth Wing Flying Testbed (SWiFT) powered by an NPO Saturn 36MT turbofan engine later this year to test and collect data on the flight dynamics of the design and to carry out further improvements for the upcoming Unmanned Stealth Combat Aircraft program. Flight worthy Kaveri Dry Engine Prototype should be ready to be used on Test-Bed aircraft for its flight certification in the next 3-4 years.

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