With Pakistan now planning to expand its 5th Generation Information warfare against India and as per its admission in Pakistan Army’s ” Green Book,” it plans to do so now with more funds and at much large scale as prompted Indian security agencies to oppose the restoration of 4G Mobile connectivity in the region.

There are well-founded apprehensions of misuse of internet for the propagation of terror activities and incitement through the circulation of inflammatory material particularly fake videos and photos and high-speed internet also allows Overground workers of the terrorist organization to assemble at Encounter sides as seen in the past to shied Terrorist and to ensure they can escape from the security cordon.

Plea for Restoration of 4G mobile data services has now reached the Supreme court of India and arguments made by the Petitioners in the SC have largely argued that due to prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, students are forced to take online classes from Home but due to slower internet connections it is near impossible for them to use it but Petitioners have no answers for the questions raised by the security agencies and many see some of the Petitioners as fronts for the terror organizations who desperately want high-speed intranet in the valley to instigating youth to join terrorism and also require it for the circulation of inflammatory material

While India has blocked most of the websites of the social media which are often used to propagate terrorism, co-ordinate and plan terror attacks, use of the virtual private network (VPN) to change geo locations to get access to this website are also very common practice according to local media in Kashmir, many youths and overground terror operators have 5-6 VPN apps installed on their mobile and since this social media website like Telegraph and WhatsApp are not based in India it is nearly difficult for the security agencies to have a real-time intercept of communications.

Other then red flags from the security agencies, Government representatives at the SC are not able to counter the narratives pushed by some of the petitioners and how Internet has become fundamental right even though our constitution was written when no such technology existed but this is also used as a propaganda tool by the Anti-India forces against India at International forum and the present government doesn’t seem to have proper measures to ensure that the technology is not used by Pakistan for propaganda many of the propaganda websites from Pakistan on India and Kashmir are freely accessible to everyone in India which only shows that people in the government is not serious about the information warfare which has been utilized by the neighbor and is limiting itself only to put up a defense counter roles which is not helping much.

India is such a major software giant in the world but it still has not been able to control information warfares shows poorly on the government which is not only caught napping but also continues to sleep. Kashmir needs a Hybrid Intranet-Internet technology which can counter the mess of online propaganda and also provide its honest citizens much needed high-speed data connections for local business and students.

An intranet is easy to set up and can be monitored if not connected to the internet grid and can act as a high-speed data communicator within Kashmir valley and Delhi while it keeps internet connections at 2G speed for social media access.

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