When Democratic Party’s presidential nominee Joe Biden named California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate this week a wave of excitement swept through India. Her heritage gave the Indian public cause to celebrate but not much cheer was seen from the present dispensation in the power corridors of India which have largely remained mum and in past have supported the current President Donald Trump.

Jeremy Bowling an American Political Analyst who sides with India on American foreign policies has warned Indian-American communities in the states against voting her just based on Indian Heritage connection which she has for long didn’t associate her self with and vocally considers her self as Black-American. Bowling believes that Kamala Harris almost joined the “the Squad” which has hardcore Pro-Islamic members of Congress like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib who have many times expressed their Anti-India and Pro-Islamic Views.

Kamala Harris might not be part of the “the Squad” but she does believe in their line of work on International issues especially where Islamic issues are concerned she will go with their opinions and might fall for their propaganda on the Internal issues of India like Kashmir and Muslims in India which will allow Pakistani narrative on Kashmir being accepted which could be a disaster for India.

Kamala Harris Stand On Human Rights will act against India because of the narrative which has been build by the “the Squad” where only Muslims are considered as Victims and rest ignored. Harris might pressure the Indian Government for the restoration of Article 370 and the scrapping of CAA which Pakistan and some section of the Liberals in India will push for if she comes in Power.

Bowling also said that Kamala Harris is an opportunist and will slide with anyone who can offer her something in return to her advantage and Human Rights bogey will be used to put pressure on Kashmir. When asked what will she can do if elected, Bowling said Kamala Harris might allow actions like sanctioning individuals from RSS and BJP to pass resolutions on Kashmir to advocating the deployment of UN forces in Kashmir or UN Probe community access to the region which has been backed by Pakistan, but with growing Anti-China sentiments will be hard for her to ignore and America needs India more than Pakistan in Asia to contain China in the region due to which she might tone down in taking hard decisions on India like Military and Economic sanctions which Pakistan could have loved but she will still poke India where current President Donald Trump looked the other way.

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