Kindly Zoom to see 155/39 Badge on the Gun system on left 

India’s foremost Defence Analyst Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi (Retd) put up, few pictures on his social media accounts after his recent visit to Kalyani Strategic Systems Ltd (KSSL) facility in Pune. In one of the pictures put up, showed KSSL developed Ultra Light Long Range 155mm 39 caliber towed Howitzer gun for the first time. Ultra Light Long Range Howitzer is similar to M777 Ultra-Light Howitzers (ULHs) produced by the US-based BAE Systems which was recently procured by India.

Ultra Light Long Range Howitzer has been under development for last few years now and above picture is the first picture of the new 155mm 39 caliber gun which KSSL developed, in collaboration with USA based Mandus Group.

KSSL is, likely to showcase new Ultra Light Long Range 155mm 39 caliber gun to the world at the upcoming India’s Biennial land and naval and homeland security exhibition ” Defexpo 2018 ” to be held in Goa early next year.

As per information shared by KSSL to the media in the past, Ultra Light Long Range 155mm 39 caliber gun will be based on Soft recoil technology and will weight 4500kgs and will have an unassisted range of 22.4km and has assisted a range of 30km and will have a crew of 5.

M777 155mm 39 caliber towed gun weights 4218 kg and 145 units have been procured by India for deployment in Mountain terrain for strategic mobility in higher terrain. Procurement of M777 in India has seen heavy criticism due to whopping $750 million deal cost, which doesn’t have Transfer of Technology. KSSL has promised that Ultra Light Long Range towed gun will cost less and is also made out of Titanium and Aluminium based alloys to keep them lighter like M777.

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